The most obvious choice for making a small room appear spacious, opting for a bright, neutral shade like white in your home decor will reflect the light and encourage the illusion of space. It’s also a good choice for keeping your office space bright and uplifting. And if you’re working from home these days, you might want to add some space-saving soft furnishings to your office as well, with these ideas for a sofa for your work space.

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Over the last few decades, Scandinavia has been attracting a lot of attention. Not only are the high standards of living, excellent healthcare and superb education systems the envy of the rest of the world, they’ve also been churning out landmark TV by the bucketload. To top it all off, Scandinavian style has been setting trends for more than half a century.

Scandinavian design seems to be trend proof. Where other design styles come into and go out of fashion, the functional but sleek Nordic style seems to be perennially popular. But just what is a Scandi style living room and how do you incorporate it into your home?

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To help you transform your living space, we asked Lick to share their top 5 Paint Colour Trends for 2021. Lick is an online paint brand who are shaking up the industry. They’re a “people-powered decorating movement” who offer a collection of 49 paint colours and 25 wallpaper designs with next day delivery samples. We couldn’t have asked for better expert painters, decorators or interior designers to help with this trends piece - so, you’re in safe hands.

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Life isn’t always black and white. There’s plenty of grey in between. Which is why it’s the perfect colour to design your living room around. But, if you choose it as your main hue, you might be left wondering what colours go with a grey sofa?

Read our guide to discover some ideas about what colours go best with grey, helping you to choose carpets, cushions and even curtains that complement your sofa choice.

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Attractive, family-friendly and versatile, fabric sofas can make a fantastic addition to your living space. Selecting a fabric finish for your new sofa gives you a huge range of colours and textures to choose from. Add a touch of luxury with irresistible velvet or create a clean, contemporary finish with stylish linen.

Whether you’re looking for a fabric corner sofa, a sofa bed or a spacious 3-seater, our fabric sofas buying guide will help you get it just right. Here’s how to find the perfect piece for your home.

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There are a few core colours that seem to work well with sofas. Black and grey are classic choices but you would have to add brown (and its close cousin beige) to that list too.

The thing all these tones have in common is that they are relatively neutral. Unlike bolder colours which can have more of an immediate impact but may be subject to trends, brown has a timeless quality.

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When you think of the colour green what comes to mind? Nature, foliage, calming spaces? Green sofas can offer all these things, but they can also offer more.

From luxurious racing green leather Chesterfields to the sleek vine green mid-century style of the Swyft Model 02, green sofas for your living room come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

What to consider when you buy a green sofa for your living room

If you have decided to buy a green sofa your two top considerations need to be style and shade. The style needs to work in the space and with the general décor of the room. That means if you choose a modern and contemporary design, it should ideally match the other items of furniture and stylistic motifs.

Although green is a natural and calming shade, the varying tones can clash with other colours. Famously, the saying goes that red and green should never be seen, and while this is not necessarily true, you do need to think carefully about how you pair it with other colours.

The size and shape of your green sofa should also be considered, as they should with any furniture purchase. Although the flat pack design of Swyft Model 01 green sofas make them much easier to bring into the home and construct in situ.

So, how do you style a green sofa? Here are five of our top green sofa living room ideas.

1. Choose complementary colours

Green leather and fabric sofas are a much bolder colour choice than a more neutral grey or brown. That means you have to be more careful about your colour choices. Let the green do the talking in your living space and stick to clean and bright shades on the wall. Green sofa wall colours like brilliant white work well with all shades. You can then add accent colours of other shades of green (which generally work well together) as well as dashes of other bold colours around the room. Copper goes particularly well with deep greens.

2. Add plants

As mentioned above, green is the colour of nature and you can add to this by adding plants around your sofa. Large leaves with vibrant greens will really bring out the tones of your sofa and help to create a calming and relaxing environment for your living room.

3. Go black and white

Green stands out and can be tricky to match with other colours for rugs, cushions and curtains. But choosing bold black and white patterns can be a good way to add contrast without appearing too busy.

4. Think about your fabric choice

Dark greens work very well in a choice of fabrics, such as leather and velvet. This provides a lush and luxurious feel that can set the tone for the whole room. These shades lend themselves more to retro inspired designs than modern or contemporary feels. Dark green sofa living room choices can make even small spaces with little natural light seem comfortable and cosy.

5. Green on green

One of the best things about green is that almost all shades of green work together, as they do in the natural world. Think about a forest canopy with its variety of shades and tones. Light and dark, bold and hushed – all greens can work together in balance.

This allows you to choose cushions, curtains, rugs and other soft furnishings in a range of greens to build a complementary and effective palette.

To see a selection of green sofas that could give your living room a stylish and contemporary makeover, check out the range at Swyft. Plus, you can also find sofas in a range of other colours, like blue or grey, to choose from if green is not your shade. You can also get more information about how to style your home with a variety of sofas choices, such as our grey sofa style guide or brown sofa style guide.

Our sofas are available with 24h delivery, so you could be transforming your living room by this time tomorrow. Plus, they arrive flat packed, so they’re easy to carry and you won’t end up scuffing walls and taking doors off hinges to get them into your living space.

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