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5 things you should know about small bathroom designs

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Olivia Lowry
5 things you should know about small bathroom designs

When it comes to pint-sized bathrooms, every inch of space counts. Redesigning your own is a pretty simple job, which makes small bathroom renovations a good place to start- especially if you’re newer to the decor game.

Just because your bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in the design details. Trust us- it’ll make that bleary-eyed 7 am weekday shower significantly more enjoyable. Here’s everything you should know about small bathroom designs.

Small bathroom design

Image: Centsational Style via Pinterest

1. Colours

As a general rule of thumb, cool and earthy tones work best in most bathrooms. With bathrooms that are on the smaller side, you’ll want to stick to lighter versions of either- think baby blues, mint greens, and the like. If white’s your thing, going for an off-white or cream makes bathrooms feel less clinical and more inviting.

Small bathroom design

Image: Irinapetrova via Pinterest

Dead set on a bold and dark shade? That’s fine too- just make sure your bathroom’s sufficiently lit with wall sconces or warm strip lighting on the underside of vanity units.

Small bathroom design

Image: Made Renovation via Pinterest

2. Layout

Yeah, it might be obvious, but drawing up a basic floor plan before you begin is probably a good idea. Decide if you want to change the layout of the bathroom, and take any fixed plumbing into consideration.

Small bathroom design

Image: Board and Vellum via Pinterest

When you’re short on space, compromises might need to be made. Really wanting a bath? Ask yourself how many times you think you’d actually use it per week, and reconsider saving that precious floor space. Natural light is also your friend here- don’t cover windows with anything other than blinds.

3. Tiling

This is where you can really create the optical illusion of more space than you actually have. Subway tiles are great in bigger bathrooms, but dark grout with them can make small bathrooms seem more cramped. Instead, lay rectangular tiles vertically, which will make the ceiling seem taller. Use white or light-coloured grouting and sealant for a look that’s a bit easier on the eye.

Small bathroom design

Image: Ebonyt via Pinterest

4. Organisation

Hands up who’s got too many half-empty products in the bathroom? Decluttering is key before starting to think about storage options in your small bathroom. Avoid pedestal sinks with no built-in storage and opt for slimline units to tidy away those toothbrushes. 

Small bathroom design

Image: Westfield AU via Pinterest

The overall idea here is to reduce the amount of visual clutter that makes small rooms feel claustrophobic. Ladder-style towel racks are great for making use of the room’s height. For products you use daily like shower gel and hand soap, invest in simple shower caddies and hotel-like matching bottles to keep clutter at bay and encourage a calmer feel.

Small bathroom design

Image: Contemporist via Pinterest

5. Glass

It’s pretty well known that mirrors make rooms look bigger and the same applies to small bathroom design. Go oversized with mirrors in curved or circular shapes above the sink for those last-minute touch-ups.

Small bathroom ideas

Image: Three Birds Renovations via Pinterest

Install clear glass panels for showers to separate the space out into zones whilst still letting all that light flow through. Reflective surfaces can add to that illusion of a bigger feel, so it’s a good idea to go for glossy surfaces rather than matt.

Pinterest small bathroom design

Image: Homes To Love AU via Pinterest



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