Living Room Furniture

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Coffee Tables

Our collection of coffee tables is available in walnut, oak, blue, or grey, so there’s a colour for any living room. A nod to mid-century design, the modern living room furniture items are the perfect statement for your living room.

Meet the Furniture Designer

The living room furniture collection was designed by our in-house furniture designer, John O’Leary. “A living room furniture collection seemed the obvious place to start – those items populate an environment that compliment our existing upholstered sofas. Inspiration came from our existing products – the Model 01 and Model 02, as well as Mid Century proponents.”

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Grey living room furniture

Grey living room furniture can create a versatile and modern aesthetic that complements various styles. Used in the correct way it can create depth, texture, and be a focal point. All of our living room furniture pieces are available in grey.

grey living room furniture


Iconic mid-century modern design with soft-close drawers, and solid wooden frames, the sideboard 01 comes in walnut, blue, and grey, so there’s a style to suit any interior.


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Living Room Furniture

Here are our most frequently asked living room furniture questions answered.

  • How to arrange living room furniture?

    Before you start arranging living room furniture, there are a few considerations you need to make. Firstly, measure the room – include all of the architectural features. Then create a floor plan that highlights focal points in the room as well as the traffic flow. Finally, choose a layout and plan for accessories that will help balance the room.  

  • How to place furniture in a living room?

    When it comes to placing furniture in the living room, follow the considerations above. You can also think about the function of the space – what will its primary focus be? With that in mind, create a focal point, or identify where that focal point will be. Then choose the largest piece of living room furniture (usually the sofa) and use that as the main anchor.

  • What furniture should a living room have?

    Every living room is different – with a furniture collection that reflects the needs of the owner. That being said, a living room is typically home to a collection of essential furniture pieces that include a two to three-seater sofa or a modular sofa, a coffee table, side tables, an ottoman or footstool, a sideboard, console table, and an armchair or two. 

  • How often should you buy living room furniture?

    The rate at which you buy living room furniture is very personal and depends on multiple moving parts. Some of those moving parts include changes to lifestyle, budgets, quality of current furniture, and the wear and tear of that furniture, as well as changes to trends and style.

  • How many sofas should be in a living room?

    The number of sofas that should be in a living room depends on how the room is used, its size, the layout, and functionality. Design should also be a consideration – do you want the room to have symmetry, and balance, or to create an electric look?