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Styling Tips for Your Round Coffee Table

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Olivia Lowry
green armchair with round coffee table

In this guide we’re talking coffee tables - the round kind. Versatile and much loved for their space-saving qualities, this type of coffee table makes styling easy. Here’s everything you need to know about round coffee tables, and why they’re a great choice for any living room look.

Why are round coffee tables a good choice?

Round coffee tables are ideal for living rooms because of their versatility. Designers love using round coffee tables because: 
  1. They’re safer. With no sharp corners, round coffee tables are considered a safer bet. This is especially important in households with children, or in spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. Nobody wants to stub their toe on the coffee table, and round shapes ensure this doesn’t happen. 
  2. They save space. Round coffee tables, like round dining tables, actually help to make small spaces feel bigger. They give a sense of openness and a flow to rooms that might have tight or awkwardly-shaped spots. 
  3. They’re functional. Round tables mean more guests can sit surrounding the table comfortably. If you’re keen on entertaining, this makes round coffee tables the best option. 
  4. They’re versatile. Round coffee tables work well in all styles of interior, so you don’t have to worry about if they’ll match the rest of your decor. It’s a timeless shape that never goes out of fashion - making round coffee tables a solid investment piece.

How do I decorate a round coffee table?

There are loads of ways to decorate - whether you’re into mid century coffee tables with their wooden finish, or you’re thinking of a modern glass coffee table vibe. Because of their versatile shape, round coffee tables make for much easier styling. 

In large rooms, use a round coffee table to help centre the space. Draw attention to the middle of your living room by styling the table with pieces that add height. This could be a dramatic floral arrangement in bold colours, or even something as simple as a tall and thin vase. Place these pieces in the middle to create symmetry, and surround them with smaller items like candles that add interest.

round coffee table

If you’re short on space, choose small coffee tables made from glass. By keeping things transparent, you’ll give the illusion of a more open, airy space. Add even smaller coffee tables to the side of armchairs and sofas to give you somewhere to put down drinks, books and other bits.

round glass coffee table

Wooden coffee tables are ideal for adding natural texture to living rooms. Create a more organic and Scandi-like feel by incorporating walnut coffee tables in dark stains that help to anchor down the overall look. Combine this material with other natural-feeling textures like linen, cotton and jute, for a calming atmosphere. If the retro look is more of your thing, find a mid-century coffee table that has added detail like additional spindles and gold colour accents.

yellow sofa

Rectangular decor should be styled at an angle on round coffee tables, for a more relaxed look that feels natural. Stack your favourite coffee table books or magazines high, and then add a vase or candle onto the top of your newly created look. As the seasons change, you can style your round coffee table with flowers in colours that compliment the whole room.

green armchair with side table

When choosing decor for your round coffee table, think about contrasting colours. If you’re working with a dark or black coffee table, keep your items a lighter shade - off whites, creams and pastels work well. The same applies for light coloured coffee tables. Doing this will help your styling stand out, drawing the eye in and creating a centrepiece to be proud of.


How do I measure a round coffee table?

Before you set out to buy a new round coffee table, you’ll need to measure up. To measure the diameter of a round coffee table, measure from the widest point. With circular coffee tables, this measurement needs to cross through the central point of the table to be accurate. 

Next, consider the height of your round coffee table. Measure from the base of the coffee table to the top edge to give yourself an accurate picture. Be sure to compare this with the seat height of your sofa so it’s not too low or too high. When you’re measuring up for a round coffee table, consider your clearance around the table and between the sofa. You should allow enough space for people to walk and get around all sides of the table. 

If your round coffee table has a lower shelf or you plan to store items underneath it, don’t forget to measure from the floor to underneath the table top. Ensure your tape measure remains level and straight when you’re measuring a round coffee table, to be confident it will fit. Taking these dimensions will help you determine if the table will fit well in your intended space and be proportionate to the other furniture in the room.

What materials do round coffee tables come in?

Round coffee tables can be found in many different materials. Some of the most popular are wood, glass and metal. Marble, granite and other stones are also popular. Each type of coffee table material can create a different look and feel, so it’s important to pick one that fits best with your space.
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