Boucle Armchairs

Textured with a beautifully soft-finish, boucle is a desirable fabric choice for your armchair and interior. Discover the collection below.

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Boucle Armchairs

Boucle armchairs guarantee a cosy, comfort reading nook that boasts sophistication and elegance. A collection of armchairs that fits contemporary and traditional interiors equally. Boucle is a textured fabric that has an incredibly soft-finish and a tactile feel, the perfect fabric for your armchair

Order a swatch box and feel boucle for yourself

Not sure about boucle, or never felt the fabric before? Why not order a free swatch box and have a feel for yourself. Boucle’s texture is a fabric that must be touched first, it’s beautifully tactile.

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White Boucle Armchairs

White boucle armchairs offer an incredibly elegant and sophisticated look. With tones of Scandinavian, a white boucle armchair will promote a fresh, bright interior that boasts a comfortable and cosy texture. Ideal for afternoons spent in novel escapes.

White Boucle Armchairs

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Boucle Armchair FAQs

All of your boucle armchair questions answered

  • What are the benefits of boucle armchairs?

    The process of how the fabric is weaved results in a comfortable texture and cosy feel. Boucle is a fabric that continues to offer beautiful aesthetics, creating an inviting and sophisticated look. Boucle is a fabric that is always on-trend, so it won't go out of fashion (we hope). It’s also hard-wearing and holds up well to heavy use, which makes it a worthy investment piece. 

  • How do I care for a boucle armchair?

    Maintaining a boucle armchair is a similar process to other fabrics. Vacuuming regularly to remove dust is a must, avoid direct sunlight if possible – with all fabrics colour fading is unavoidable if put in front of natural light –, and cleaning spills immediately by blotting the fabric with a damp cloth to avoid stains. 

  • Are boucle armchairs in style?

    Boucle armchairs offer a luxurious and elegant look whilst providing a tactile texture and feel. Because of this, it’s a popular fabric used in the interiors industry and in people’s homes. It beautifully pairs comfort and sophistication, creating a unique aesthetic.  

  • What colour is best for a boucle armchair?

    The best colour for a boucle armchair really depends on your interior’s colour scheme. Boucle in neutral colours has been a trend for many years, and continues to be so. It offers a calm yet sophisticated aesthetic to a room. Pastel colours follow a similar look and feel, lifting a room l with its tactile texture. That being said, dark colours like charcoal or navy will contrast against a neutral colour palette, creating stand-out statement pieces. 

  • How much will a boucle armchair cost?

    At Swyft, our boucle armchairs cost in the range of £795 – £1,495. Due to its lux and sophisticated look, and texture, boucle armchairs are more expensive than other fabrics