We're very proud to present some of the coverage we've received: from  featuring in one of the biggest online publications in the US, Fast Company, to having an article written about us on the BBC, and starring in the No 1 design magazine, Dezeen.

Our Model 01 collection has also featured in TV shows: Interior Design Masters on BBC 2, Steph’s Packed Lunches on Channel 4 and Sky Arts Live at The Globe.

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    "The Swyft Model 01"
    Dezeen - January 2020

    "London start-up Swyft has produced a sofa that one person can put together on their own without the need for any tools.Unlike other home-assembly flat-pack furniture items, which require a hammer, screwdriver or Allen key to put together, the Swyft sofa requires no specific tools..." 

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    "Easy-to-assemble couch won’t test your relationship" 

    Fast Company - January 2020

    "If you are of sound enough mind to make it past the crying children; the long, winding line for Swedish meatballs; and the expansive warehouse to pick up your furniture stacked in flat boxes, the modern, price-savvy furniture buyer has one more hurdle to jump..." 

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    "Perfect for people in flats, who need a fuss-free solution" 

    Heart - April 2020

    "If you have ended up with extra people quarantining at yours and you're struggling to fit everyone on the sofa - or you've realised that yours isn't suited to longterm lying-down-and-watching-TV - then you might be interested in this genius product from British brand Swyft." 

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    "Is this the future of furniture?"

    Which? - February 2020

    "Buying a sofa that comes packed up in a box for you to assemble isn’t a new concept. After all, Ikea has been churning out flatpack furniture for years. But this year, more and more new companies are popping up on the market offering a small range of sofa styles delivered in a compact box that arrives within a couple of days of your order..." 

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    "This flat-pack sofa can be assembled without tools" 

    Apartment Therapy - January 2020

    "Avoid lugging out your toolbox and wiping away sweat beads of frustration over trying (and failing) to assemble a piece of furniture. London-based startup Swyft recently unveiled its unique flat pack sofa design..." 

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    "The geniuses at Swyft" - January 2020

    "Picture the scene: you have spent weeks picking the perfect sofa, you've ordered swatch after swatch to find the right fabric, you've marked with tape exactly where it will go, you've bought cushions, rearranged the living room, planned the set up of next year's Christmas cards – you've based your future around this sofa..." 

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    "Is the future flat-packed?" 

    BBC - May 2020

    "A new generation of furniture design is taking the struggle out of self assembly – and shaking off its old image. Clare Dowdy explores the next-level flat-pack designs." 

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    "The Ideal Home - approved sofa in a box brand"

    Ideal Home - May 2023

    “Designed with urban living in mind, the model 08 sofa bed looks to be a modern solution for those with a small living room looking to maximise their living space without sacrificing style or comfort."

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