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"London start-up Swyft has produced a sofa that one person can put together on their own without the need for any tools. Unlike other home-assembly flat-pack furniture items, which require a hammer, screwdriver or Allen key to put together, the Swyft sofa requires no specific tools...." 

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"Picture the scene: you have spent weeks picking the perfect sofa, you've ordered swatch after swatch to find the right fabric, you've marked with tape exactly where it will go, you've bought cushions – you've based your future around this sofa...."

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"If you are of sound enough mind to make it past the crying children; the long, winding line for Swedish meatballs; and the expansive warehouse to pick up your furniture stacked in flat boxes, the modern, price-savvy furniture buyer has one more hurdle to jump...."

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"Avoid lugging out your toolbox and wiping away sweat beads of frustration over trying (and failing) to assemble a piece of furniture. London-based startup Swyft recently unveiled its unique flat pack sofa design that is not only stylish but has an easy assembly process that requires no tools...."

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Welcome to Swyft

Your perfect Sofa is a mere click away.

Just choose your finishing touches and we’ll see you in a few days.

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Fits any property

No Space Limitations

Tight corners, tall staircases?  Not a problem – Swyft was designed to make delivery a doddle. You will be able to get each box up the stairs, down winding corridors and through narrow doorways until it reaches its final destination.


Did we mention that we deliver in 48 hours?

Depending on the sofa you have purchased, it may come in 2 or 3 boxes but don’t worry because each box will be lift-able (yes, that’s a word) by one person. You don’t have to be Hercules or Wonder Woman either.

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