Light up your home with our lighting collection. From decorative lamps and ceiling lights to side table lamps and floor lamps, there’s a home lighting solution for every room.

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Porto 02 Table Lamp Terracotta  image 01.webp
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Porto 02 Table Lamp | Terracotta £139
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Porto 02 Table Lamp | Sand £139
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Porto 02 Table Lamp | Black £139
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Carrara Table Lamp | White £139
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Marseille Table Lamp | Black £199
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Reykjavik Table Lamp | White £149
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Lisbon Table Lamp | Sand £99
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Porto 01 Table Lamp | White £139
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Verona Table Lamp | White £99
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Cambridge Desk Lamp | White £159
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Cambridge Desk Lamp | Black £159
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Havana Floor Lamp | Sand £319
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Bremen Floor Lamp | Gold £249
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Bordeaux Floor Lamp | Black £249
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Salamanca Floor Lamp | Terracotta £249
Porto 01 Floor Lamp
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Porto 01 Floor Lamp | White £189
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Living room lighting ideas

Lighting is crucial when it comes to the ambiance of the living room, so it’s important to get it right. Use layered lighting to create different moods and interests, and switch between ambient, task, and accent lighting to make sure the lighting scheme offers depth and flexibility. In reality, this looks like a collection of ceiling fixtures, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps.

Bedroom lighting ideas

To create a comfortable and relaxing space to sleep and unwind, bedroom lighting needs to create ambiance whilst also being visually appealing. Aside from maximising natural light, you should install dimmer switches for lights that are overhead. Dimmer switches allow you to create different moods. Think about cleverly-placed lighting, such as wardrobe lamps, under-bed lighting, vanity lighting, and wall-mounted reading lamps – opting for a mixture of ambient, task, and accent lighting will create a room that not only looks and feels good, but can be optimised for tasks.

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Floor Lamps v Table Lamps

Stuck between floor lamps or side table lamps? Here’s a quick comparison: Floor lamps can be great for small spaces as they don’t take up surface space. Side tables are perfect for tasks or decorative accents and can be easily turned on and off. Whereas floor lamps are versatile, they come in various heights, styles, and designs. And can be used as statement accessories.

Pendant lighting

Pendant lighting is one of the most popular types of light fixtures. Hung from the ceiling they create points of interest in a room, create ambiance, and are usually aesthetically pleasing. As a general of thumb, if the ceiling is 8 feet from the floor then the pendant light should hang 12 to 20 inches from the ceiling.

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Lighting FAQs

All of your lighting questions answered.

  • What are the four types of lighting?

    The four types of lighting that are mainly used in interior design are as follows:  


    Ambient lighting: Ambient lighting is general lighting, the main light source to illuminate a space. It’s a comfortable level of lighting that is perfect for everyday use. 

    Task lighting: From pendant lights and desk lamps to spotlights, task lighting aims to light a specific area for activities such as cooking, reading, and working at a desk. 

    Accent lighting: Accent lighting also adds depth and interest to a room. This type of lighting is used to highlight decorative areas in a space like wall art, framed prints, and bookshelves. 

    Decorative lighting: decorative lighting can be used for functional and aesthetic reasons, and enhances the overall look and feel of a room. Chandeliers, decorative lamps, and pendant lights fall into this category.  

  • What lighting is the best lighting?

    The best lighting depends on several factors – how the space is used, design aesthetic, and personal preference. But generally speaking, if you want to achieve the best light, combine ambient task lighting with decorative lighting. The combination creates the most aesthetically pleasing results.

  • Why is lighting important?

    Lighting is important because it shapes the feel and look of a room. From the ambiance of a room to its aesthetics, the strategic placement of the lights in different places around the room can create visually appealing environments around the home.