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10 clever ideas for kitchen lighting

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Olivia Lowry
mid century modern style kitchen

Calling all keen home chefs - this one’s for you. There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal, and it feels even better when your prep space looks great. Kitchen lighting is crucial for practicality - nobody wants to lose a finger whilst chopping up veg. On the other hand, kitchen lighting can serve an aesthetic purpose too, helping elevate your space with relatively little effort. In this guide, we’ve whipped up 10 clever ideas for kitchen lighting so you can get back to cooking all of your specialities in style.

1. Shelf lights

green kitchen with open shelving

Image: @relt123

Break up horizontal lines of multiple shelves by adding recessed lighting. Opt for warm-toned LED bulbs to give your kitchen an inviting glow, without overpowering the room. If you need more light, add multiple strips under cupboards and around cabinets to frame individual shapes within the room.

2. Lighting zones

mid century modern kitchen with feature lights

Image: @behance

Use lighting in your kitchen to create different zones. This works especially well to differentiate dining and prep areas - great if you’ve got a kitchen/diner space. Hang a pendant above the table, and introduce a wall light above your sink or counter.

3. Metallics

metallic kitchen island pendant light

Image: @amythesthome

4. Sconces

terrazzo kitchen with wall lights

Image: @thedesignfiles

Sconces don’t have to be reserved for just hallways and living rooms. Try placing wall lights in the kitchen, and experimenting with different heights. Adding sconce lights to your kitchen will help brighten darker areas around cupboards and end panels.

5. Pops of colour

scandi style kitchen with blue pendant light

Image: @thedesignfiles

Use kitchen pendants and lamps to introduce a playful pop of colour, without too much commitment. Choose complimentary shades and match your pendant with nods to other colours around the room.

6. Sensor lights

integrated cupboard lights in modern kitchen

Image: @impcolor

Get functional and try out task lighting in your kitchen. Start with cupboard lighting, and set up sensors or timers that both help with finding things and add an extra dimension to shelves. Take it a step further by installing lights behind kitchen cabinets with glass doors - perfect for showing off your best glassware, tableware and kitchen trinkets.

7. Pleated shades

kitchen with checked tiles

Image: @sheerluxe

Create a French-inspired look by using pendants in pleated styles. Hang these above butchers blocks, breakfast bars or kitchen islands to highlight your favourite area of the space. Opt for metal or ceramic shades over paper - this makes cleaning easier, which is super important in a kitchen space.

8. Arched lamps

wall mounted kitchen light

Image: @realhomes

Get an industrial kitchen look by using arched lamps and exposed bulbs. Choose oversized bulbs and pair them with wall-mounted lighting for a serious style statement (because who said kitchen lighting had to be boring).

9. Pantry lighting

pantry cupboard with integrated lighting

Image: @yellowbrickhome

You’ve put all the effort into a super organised pantry, so why not make a feature out of it? Use integrated lighting within pantry shelves as multi-purpose ambient and task lighting. You’ll be able to see exactly where your ingredients are, and it’ll elevate the space at the same time. Nice one.

10. Circular shades

kitchen with circular globe shaped wall lights

Image: @memwoodlab

Direct light in kitchens is mostly used for prep areas, but what about the rest of the room? Try to light up areas that are overlooked - this will ensure your kitchen has an airy, fresh feel. Use circular globe-shaped wall lamps to diffuse light across the kitchen, creating an inviting and warm glow. Experiment with one as an accent above a sink or prep space, or create a sense of harmony with a row of matching wall lights at the same height.
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