Tufted, patterned, woven, or print, our rug collection is designed for any room and style.

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Reef Rug Connect Multi
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Reef Rug Connect Multi | 200x290 £559
Aspect Rug Red Multi
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Aspect Rug Red Multi | 160x230 £849
Aspect Rug Red Multi
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Aspect Rug Red Multi | 200x290 £1,339
Reef Rug Horizon
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Reef Rug Horizon | 160x230 £349
Aspect Rug Grey Multi
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Aspect Rug Grey Multi | 160x230 £849
Reef Rug Linear
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Reef Rug Linear | 160x230 £349
Paloma Zanzibar Rug
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Paloma Zanzibar Rug | 160x230 £559
Jute Rug Loop Natural Jute Flatweave
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Jute Rug Loop Natural Jute Flatweave | 160x230 £349
Nepal Rug Sand Cream Linear
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Nepal Rug Sand Cream Linear | 160x230 £509
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Rugs for every room of your house

Our rug collection is designed for every room in the house. From living room rugs to kitchen rugs, bedroom rugs to hallway runners - you name it, our rug collection has a rug for your space.

patterned pink rugs
circular rugs

Large rugs or small? How to find the right size rug for your room.

When choosing the perfect rug for your home the first step is to measure the space. We’d generally suggest leaving 10- 20 inches of floor between the walls and edges of the rug. If you have a large rug make sure it incorporates all of the furniture in the room. If it's a small rug, place it under the coffee table or small furniture item.

How to find the perfect rug

Rugs for the Living room…

Living room rugs are a perfect way to bring the room together. Choose any one of our rug designs to suit your living room style. If you have a large space, complement the room with a large rug that sits underneath multiple furniture items. If you have a small space, use the rug to create a focal point or to highlight a single furniture item.

living room rugs

…or the bedroom

Bedroom rugs can help the room feel inviting and cosy, exaggerating that relaxed aesthetic. Place the rug either at the end of the bed or beside it. Keeping the bedroom rug centred or within proximity to the bed helps bring the room together, whilst ensuring the focal point of the room is the bed.

bedroom rugs

Rug FAQs

Keep scrolling, for all of your rug questions.

  • What are area rugs and how do I use them?

    Area rugs are large rugs that are often decorative and used to define a space. They can add comfort and warmth, keeping the space inviting whilst enhancing the interior style and look of the room. Area rugs can be in multiple sizes, colours and styles - perfect for any type of room.

  • How do I know what size of rug I need?

    The shape and size of a rug should fit with the layout of the room and complement the furniture in that room. Do you want the rug to fit underneath all of the furniture? To highlight a specific piece of furniture? To be the main feature in the room (a hallway runner, for example)? Or to sit next to the kitchen sink or by the bath? 

    First think of its use that will then help you understand the size you need.

  • How do I position my rug under the sofa?

    The position of the rug depends on its size and the layout of your room. If the rug is large enough, you could position it underneath all pieces of furniture in the room. This will bring the room together and create an inviting space. To define the seating area with a small rug, place the front legs of the sofa on its edges. Another option for small spaces, is to simply place the rug in front of the sofa. This will ensure the focal point of the room is the sofa whilst creating a cosy environment. Before buying a rug, it's worth getting masking tape and outlining its size – position the tape where you want to place the rug, this will bring to life the space.

  • Do I need a kitchen rug?

    Kitchen rugs aren't essential, but they can provide comfort and warmth to hard floorings, and can act as protection against spillages and stains. A kitchen rug can also add a touch of colour and personality to the room. Kitchen's can often be minimalist in design, so a rug is a perfect way to introduce a new colour scheme.

  • How do I clean my rug?

    Cleaning a rug is simple, but it can depend on the material and size. Firstly, a rug should be vacuumed often - to remove dust. If the rug is shaggy, it might be worth looking into a carpet rake. Secondly, for any liquid spills, blot the liquid with a dry cloth to remove surface spill. Lastly, use a rug or dish cleaner to treat the stain and leave it to dry. Also it might be worth dry cleaning every 12- 18 months.