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How to find the perfect rug for your living room

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Olivia Lowry
How to find the perfect rug for your living room

A rug, or multiple rugs, are a quick way of changing up your living space or can be a great foundation for planning the configuration of a new living room. As quick as they are to buy, rugs are a very much high-ticket item, so you want to be confident you’re making the right decision before splashing the cash. If you’re looking to change the look and feel of your living room with a rug, we’ve rounded up some scroll-worthy top tips and inspiration to help you along the way.

Space and size

The most common mistake most are guilty of when buying a rug is going for one that’s too small for their space. In this case, bigger is better. A good way of determining size is to lay down masking tape (without causing any damage to the floors), to mark out the space you’d like a rug to fit in. Once you’re happy, get out your tape measure and start hunting for rugs that fit similar dimensions.

Bauhaus style rug

Here, we’ve added an impressive bauhaus inspired area rug that perfectly frames our Model 05 sofas. Tucked under the front of the sofas and loveseats, the rug separates the living space from the rest of the house with ease. 

Colour palettes

It goes without saying you should consider the colour palette within the existing room, or use the rug as a starting point for building colour choices around. Think about if you’re using the rug as a way to pull different tones together, or if you’re after a super contrasting statement for a bold look. We love what @danisdomain has done here, with an on-trend checkerboard style berber rug paired with the green velvet of our Model 02 sofa.

Checkerboard rug with sofa

@danisdomain via Instagram

What’s beneath

When choosing a rug, have a think about what your existing flooring will look like with one on top. Whether you’ve got a classic hardwood floor, a carpet, laminate or something else, it’s a good idea to keep in mind textures and colours here to avoid clashing.  Practically, a rug can be a great way to muffle the noise of footsteps and keep warmth within the room, when placed on a hardwood or laminate floor.

Family, dogs, cats and more

We all know the pain of trying to get a stain out of a brand new outfit, however rugs aren’t just as easy to throw in the wash with detergent. That’s why you should consider the durability of the rug you’re buying. You’ll want to make sure your rug is prepped to withstand whatever’s thrown at it- from accidental wine spills to muddy pet paws. In high traffic areas, a jute, sisal or wool rug is a great option. If your rug will get less wear and tear, cotton and viscose based rugs offer up an extra bit of softness.

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