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How to protect your floor from furniture

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Ed Hawes
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Wood and wood-inspired flooring is a staple in home interior design. And it’s no wonder why. As well as their luxury look and feel, hardwood floors tend to hold on to less dust and pollen, hold the warmth underfoot and are more resistant to wear and tear. There are also plenty of low-cost alternatives such as luxury vinyl, wooden-look tiles and bamboo flooring. While not necessarily made of wood, these floor types will need a similar level of protection to keep them looking their best.

However, with beautiful interior decor comes great responsibility. While resilient to frequent bare feet, shoes and paws, furniture - and, in particular, furniture legs - can quickly lead to dents, scrapes and unsightly marks on wooden flooring.

So, how should we protect our floors from furniture damage? Our interior design experts take a look...

1. Add a rug

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One of the first things to consider is the use of a rug. For living rooms and dining rooms with wooden flooring, a rug can protect the floor from coffee tables, sofa legs and dining sets alike.

Dining rooms can be particularly prone to chair scraping while sitting at or leaving the dinner table, but adding a contemporary rug underneath the space will reduce this while adding a homely feel. Remember that rugs are no longer a thick shaggy or frilly affair; there are plenty of up-to-date and sophisticated options available to suit your decor.

2. Use chair protectors

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One of the go-to ideas, if you’re not keen on rugs or small carpeted areas, is investing in chair leg protectors. As well as any chairs, sofa floor protectors can aid here, too. If you have a sofa with legs on a wooden floor, there may be times where the sofa is moved once someone takes a seat, which could lead to frequent denting of the floor. Some sofas now (such as our Model 03) come with rubber ends on the feet that use suction to keep the sofa in place while protecting your flooring.

For a DIY approach, there are a few choices available such as self-adhesive protectors and pads, slip-on furniture feet protectors or nail-on pads. These all offer discreet solutions to floor protection without spoiling the impact or look of the furniture. 

3. Never drag, drop or push your furniture

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Ultimately, prevention is better than cure. If you’re wondering the best way to protect floors from chair legs, one key tip is being gentle with moving the furniture itself. When moving in or rearranging your room, use furniture moving wheels, sliders or dollies to help with the heavy lifting with no dragging required.


By using rugs, adding chair leg protectors or buying furniture with added protection as standard, you’ll be able to keep your wooden floor in tip-top condition, ensure your furniture stays where it should be and protect from floor damage.

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