Sofa Throws

From merino wool throws to a mohair mix, our decorative sofa and bed throws come in a variety of styles designed for any interior.

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Sofa throws FAQs

All of your sofa and bed throw questions answered.

  • What exactly is a throw?

    A throw is a lightweight blanket that is used to dress a sofa, armchair or bed. Throws can be used as a decorative feature whilst helping keep a room feel cosy and warm. It also doubles up as a blanket for colder climes.

  • What size throw do you need for a double bed?

    Bed throws are perfect for styling a bedroom whilst doubling up as extra bedding. But what size throw do you need for a double bed? It depends what you’re using the bed throw for. If it’s for decorative purposes then 127 cm x 152 cm is an ideal size – and will drape on the floor. As an additional layer for warmth then 178 cm x 229 cm will cover the entire bed.

  • How to dress a sofa with cushions and throws

    Using cushions and throws to dress a sofa can transform a room as well bring together interior elements. When styling a sofa throw, either; drape the throw over one corner of the sofa to create a relaxed, casual look; fold the sofa throw and fold it across the back of the sofa to create a neat tidy look; roll the throw and place it at the back of the sofa. 

    When it comes to cushions, mix and match, but don’t over do it. For a 3 seater sofa, two cushions in one corner, one cushion in the other will suffice. Read more about cushion arrangements here

  • What is a throw over blanket?

    Surprisingly, a throw over blanket is just a long form name for a throw. A throw is usually referencing a small blanket.