With our cent.ldn collaboration, we're introducing a small collection of scented candles. The luxury candles include a mix of perfumes and sizes – all guaranteed to create a statement in your home.

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Soho Candle | 70g £28
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Soho Candle | 300g £58
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Shoreditch Candle | 70g £28
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Shoreditch Candle | 300g £58
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Boom Box Candle | Natural £199
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Basketball Candle | Natural £199
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The collection of candles includes perfumed blackcurrant leaf, fig, and coffee, or tuberose and spices The scented candles are made from natural wax and come in collectable packaging that can be used as an art piece or a bookmark. The candles collection also includes luxury candles that can be used as statement home decor pieces

Candles & Home Decor

Candles are the perfect addition to any styled home decor. They can be paired with home deor items; ornaments, organisers, jewellery trays, vases, decorative and trays. Use of coffee tables, sideboards, or side tables, to incorporate into the interior.

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The cen.ldn candles are a beautiful collection of collectable luxury candles that are hand-poured and crafted in London. The craftsmanship for each candle takes up to one day and is designed to give a unique piece of home decor.

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Scented Candles

Scented candles help with relaxation and stress reduction, as well as, setting the room’s ambiance and atmosphere. Scented candles are also known to have aromatherapy benefits, and can have a positive impact on mood and well-being. Create a feeling of warmth with our beautiful collection of scented and perfumed candles. From fig and coffee to tuberose and blackcurrant scents, there’s a candle for every home and desired aroma.

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Candles FAQs

Frequently asked questions about our candle collection.

  • How to make candles?

    Making candles can be a fun and rewarding activity. Firstly, select and choose a wax (soy, beeswax, coconut, for example). Then, pick the wick. Wicks come in various sizes, so choose one that fits the container or mold you're using.

    Prepare and clean the container and secure the wick to the bottom of the container with an adhesive. To melt the wax either use a microwave or double boiler. Monitor the temperature with a thermometer – the ideal temperature depends on the type of wax. 

    Add fragrance to the melted wax, but remember that too much can affect the candle’s performance. After the wax is melted dip the metal end of the wick and place it into the wax and centre it into the container or mold. Make sure it’s hardened and secure.  

    Pour the wax into the container, leaving half an inch from the top. Trim the wick and leave for two days before burning.

  • Which candles burn the best?

    Candles can vary massively, so when choosing a candle you should consider burn time, scent, and sustainability. Soy and coconut wax have a slow, clean burn and are an eco-friendly candle choice, but they can be expensive. Beeswax is also expensive and has a long burn time, but have a scent of honey. Paraffin wax candles are popular because they are more affordable than other options, but they are not sustainable and provide soot. You can also look at palm wax and gel candles.

  • Are diffusers better than candles?

    Diffusers or candles are a personal preference. In terms of scents, diffusers are less subtle but last longer than candles. For ambiance, candles provide a warm and cosy environment, whilst diffusers often go unnoticed. Candles come in various sizes and styles but are usually functionally designed, so aesthetics is not at the forefront of the design process. Diffusers, however, have more decorative options.

  • How do you use candles in home decor?

    Candles are a beautiful element for home decor, adding warmth and ambiance to a space. Candles can be used as statement centerpieces, included in seasonal displays, used as tableware decor, hallway decor, and indoor and outdoor candle lanterns.

  • How do you display candles at home?

    Displaying candles at home can be a creative way to enhance your home decor. Use a candle holder or tray to create a sophisticated and organised aesthetic. Candles lanterns and chandeliers are a nice way to create hanging candles. Whereas, a sideboard can be used to create a seasonal display with candlesticks and floating candles.