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22 blue velvet sofa living room ideas that you’ll love

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Ed Hawes
22 blue velvet sofa living room ideas that you’ll love

If you’re looking for a new sofa, or if you’ve just bought a blue velvet sofa for your living room, here are some of the best tips and tricks for styling it into your own front room oasis.

Go for cool, silver tones

Going for silver can compliment a blue velvet sofa - but make sure to warm up your living room with some earth tones and plant life, otherwise, your space can look cold and uninviting.

Warm up your space with gold touches

So maybe silver isn’t for you. No worries, go for some gold touches with lighting and décor to keep it metallic but not too cold. Top tip: gold goes great with blues (obviously) and greens.

Blankets, throws and comforters

Never overlook the functional accessory that is the blanket. It’s not just great for when your friend has stayed over after a couple of drinks, a blanket adds some more dimension to your living room and makes the room look cosier and ‘lived in’ - which isn’t a bad thing!

Pillows everywhere!

Accessorise your sofa! The easiest way to tell someone about who you are is by choosing unique prints that speak to you. Whether it’s fully femme or a little more muted, you should make your living room a place that you want to be.

Shine bright

Ok, so you have a blue velvet sofa, now what? Going for other bright Or jewel tones in the rest of your living room design is a sure-fire way to make an impact on any visitors. Think pinks, reds and maybe even a splash of yellow.

Bring nature inside

Plants are a must-have. There, we said it. There’s nothing worse than going to someone’s house and their living room is just…dead? Bring your space to life by adding plants (make sure they’re safe for babies and/or pets first). Remember: tall plants look good in corners and smaller plants can be put anywhere depending on their light preference.

Embrace the space

Make use of your space and don’t always try to overfill your living room with trinkets and furniture.  If you have a smaller space, try to make one piece of furniture the main focus and avoid making the space too busy. Creating an airy and light living room will help you to make the best of your blue velvet sofa.

Keep it personal

Get a sofa that suits you and your needs. Need a sofa bed for all your friends to use? Go for it! Only want a blue velvet two-seater in your living room for you and your dog? We’re here to help. Your living room should reflect you and - more importantly - how you want to use it, so don’t let anyone tell you how to decorate your living space.

Big rug, small rug

Double rugging, we’ve coined the phrase. A smaller rug on top of a bigger rug isn’t always a bad thing. If you have a low pile rug in the centre of your living room but want to bring attention to one part of your room - say, your sofa - then putting another, different rug under your favourite piece of furniture can actually be an interesting dynamic.

Natural materials

Think rattan, wood and marble. Going for natural materials will help ground a blue sofa in your room and create a more cosy space that really feels alive. Whether it’s a new coffee table or just some shelves, natural materials have the power to change a room.

Let the light in!

Turn up the (natural) light or fake it with lamps, your living room should have a lot of lighting options to make it able to fit your mood. No one wants glaring light past midnight and you don’t want a dark hole in the middle of the day. Position your sofa facing away from any natural light to make the most of your day.

Books everywhere

If you like to read then show it! Having books in your living room isn’t just some kind of intellectual brag, it surrounds you in your passions. Instead of having a huge television in your living space, try getting a few books and a cosy pouf to rest your feet on and get to reading.

Try the industrial look

Try out more minimalism and go industrial by practising practicality and favouring metal features in your living room. If you lie in a loft, then even better! Probably best for people who live in the city, as the industrial aesthetic mirrors the city outside. 

Embrace maximalism

From the sublime to the ridiculous, embrace trinkets, and colour to get your space saying everything about you. Decorate the walls as well as your sofa, get shelves up and put all your favourite little things on them. Remember to keep cohesion through maximalism by selecting reoccurring colours and motifs to make sure your living room doesn’t look too mismatched.

Mute the tones

Going for a blue sofa doesn’t mean your room has to be too bright. Keeping muted tones is a good idea for people who entertain a lot, especially if you’re a fan of hosting dinner parties. Muted tones are more of a traditionalist living room idea - and can be seen as more mature for some people.

Trinkets galore

The charity shop is calling! Pick up lots of objects that speak to you. This is a good way of decorating your living room if you have lots of trinkets either from travelling or your love of objets d’art, as it connects you distinctly to your own space. Remember that your living room is a space where you’ll be spending lots of time, so if you have objects that you love, don’t hesitate to showcase them.

Create your own gallery

Hang your favourite artworks in your living room and let anyone who comes to visit know what art speaks to you. For art lovers, it’s likely that your house will be covered in pieces, but the living room should be specially curated to your best pieces, as you can stare at them for hours and enjoy your artwork for the maximum amount of time.

Scandi is here to stay

Scandinavian design is a practice of minimalism and functionality. First popular in the early 20th century, Scandi design has become more and more popular as the years have passed. Considered now to be a timeless way to decorate your space, Scandinavian interior design takes inspiration from (you guessed it) the countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Keep the floors dark and natural

Natural floors can be easier to clean and more hardwearing than carpets and rugs. Whether you go for wood, stone or tile, natural flooring is a way of grounding your space and embracing the outdoors inside your own living room.

Flower power

There’s nothing better than fresh flowers in your living room. Over the past few years, dried flowers are a more sustainable and long-lasting way of decorating your living room. The best thing about flowers is that they can be changed to suit the season - think red and green bouquets for the festive season, soft pink flowers for spring and orange tones for autumn.

Coordinate your furniture with patterns

Pick up on your own palette and match your blue sofa with patterns. Opt for wallpaper for an easily changeable option or a stool or armchair for those who are more committed to the pattern. Patterns are an easy way to dress up your living room, but be sure to make sure they complement your established colour palette.

Pile on the blue

Blues on blues on blues. Just because you have a blue sofa doesn’t mean that you have to forgo the blue elsewhere. Match a deeper sofa with lighter blue walls for relief and to make sure that you don’t have a living room that ends up too dark.

Your sofa is the main piece of furniture in your home and there’s nothing better than that spot to have a sneaky afternoon nap whilst imagining yourself floating in the deepest blue ocean (that’s why we made them so comfy, obviously) - treat yourself to a cosy and stylish blue sofa from our latest collection.

In their lifetimes, our sofas will see on average 2,728 drink and food stains, 2,105 kisses and 3,135 films - so you should embrace your sofa! Treat it with love and don’t forget to clean up those stains on your sofa as soon as possible to keep it looking fresh.

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