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5 interior colour trends to try this autumn

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Ed Hawes
terracotta pink sofa

While the late summer weather forecast is looking pretty drizzly, we’re turning our attention from alfresco to indoors. The slightly gloomy weather isn’t all bad though - it’s a great excuse to start revamping your home decor. A rainy day project needs a plan, so we’re here with some of the best interior colour trends to try this autumn and winter that’ll see you through into next year’s hopefully sunnier days. If your place is crying out for a bit of an upgrade, you’re in the right place. Here’s our round-up of joy-inducing colours to inject into your home decor this autumn, winter and beyond.

1. Warm yellows - Mustard, Ochre

This autumn and winter it’s all about retro colours. Using yellow in interiors is one of the easiest ways to inject tonnes of feel-good energy. Instead of summery citrus yellow, opt for deeper tones this season. Dark colours like this help to create zones in rooms, and are great when used in statement pieces like rugs and feature walls. If retro’s your thing, Mustard yellow should be top of the list. Use it to add accents, or colour drench walls if you’re feeling brave. For a scandi or contemporary feel, opt for Tan or Ochre. These shades are great toned-down options that still bring the same warm feel to interiors - ideal for winter months.

tan colour sofa in scandi living room

ochre yellow painted wall

Image: @entermyattic

2. Subtle pinks - Terracotta, Henna

This year we’ve seen Meditteranean-inspired decor really take off - from dazzling ocean blues to sandy beige shades. We’re continuing that coastal feel into the winter months, again adding more warmth as the mercury drops. Plaster pink textures and limewashed walls make brilliant rainy-day DIY projects that’ll upgrade your space no matter the style. This colour trend is all about being subtle, so you might not be into it if Barbie fever’s taken over your living room. Opt for earthy, clay-like shades of Terracotta and Henna for decor pieces, furniture and accessories throughout the autumn months and beyond.

terracotta pink sofa in living room

terracotta red bathroom

Image: @archdaily

3. Calming neutrals - Sand, Pumice

Neutrals are classic for a reason, and this autumn/winter it’s all about natural colours. Start with a lighter base on walls and floors to help reflect light around the room during dark winter months. With this colour trend, it’s important to stick to warm neutrals that’ll make the room feel cosy rather than cold. Swap out walls in ‘brilliant white’ and opt for neutral paint colours with yellow or red undertones. When decorating with a neutral colour palette, it’s important to create depth with different textures and contrasting light/dark shades. In upholstery, opt for beige colours like sand. If grey decor’s your thing, opt for an in-between shade like pumice.

pumice beige sofa

neutral colour home office

Image: @jennikayne

4. Rich reds - Burgundy, Brick

Reds are coming back to interiors this autumn and winter, and we’re here for it. If you’re looking for something a bit more striking than plaster pink or clay, opt for a richer, deeper red. Nod to autumnal leaves by choosing shades of burgundy combined with other warm accents like wooden coffee or side tables. Add an accent piece in Brick red, and combine it with other hints of this autumnal colour in your artwork and soft furnishings.

brick red velvet sofa

red hallway walls

Image: @melanielissackinteriors

5. Nature-inspired greens - Moss, Willow

Getting outdoors over the winter months can be a bit of a struggle, especially when the sun seems to disappear long before you’ve left the office. In the summer months, there’s plenty of time to enjoy green outdoor spaces, which are really important for wellbeing. Bring this fresh feel inside during autumn and winter by using nature-inspired greens in your interior palette. Take inspiration from the landscape around you with upholstery and blankets in moss green, combined with calming neutrals. For a more traditional country look, opt for wool fabrics in deeper greens - the perfect choice for a super cosy armchair spot.

green boucle armchair

green kitchen cabinets

Image: @houseandgardenuk

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