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9 beige and grey living room ideas

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Samuel Hurley
9 beige and grey living room ideas

Grey is such a popular colour for home decorating. But with so many homes coming readily installed with beige carpets and cream coloured walls, a lot of people are dubious about putting grey and beige together.

Both colours are on the neutral spectrum, but since grey is often deemed a colder colour, while beige is a warmer tone, the two feel like opposites that don’t quite match.

So, do grey and beige go together?

Not everyone will think so. But with a little planning, there are plenty of ways to blend the two, or to create an intentional clash.

How do you combine grey and beige?

If you’re looking for beige and grey living room ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

Your best option is to go for warmer shades of grey, to compliment the beige. Using super light greys - almost off white - is another good solution.

On the flip side, using a warm beige on the walls can create a calm and relaxed style which can be partnered with grey upholstery or soft furnishings.

The main thing to remember when combining these two neutrals is to use one more than the other: Rather than opting for a 50:50 split of each colour, try bold ratios like 80:20 or 70:30.

Beige and Grey Living Room Ideas

Below are a few ways to create your dream grey and beige room. Not all of them will be to everyone’s tastes, but there’s bound to be something right up your street.

Of course, these ideas can be replicated in any room of the house. Or, if you’re looking specifically for bedroom ideas, read our bedroom decor ideas article!

1. Rustic Farmhouse

Perhaps the easiest interior theme to follow for grey and beige is rustic chic. Chalk paints, distressed wood and French grey are the perfect combination for a rustic farmhouse style that brings together beige and grey.

2. Mix up textures

In order to make your beige and grey living room enticing, you should try to use a variety of textures to create intrigue. Otherwise, the room may feel a little 2-dimensional.

Luxurious satin is ideal for a glamorous look, while voiles and pom pom cushions can have a laid-back boho vibe that lures you in after a stressful day.

Voile drapes are a great way to keep things feeling bright and fresh, too. Even when using darker greys. The natural light will flood into the room and make the space feel spacious.

3. Add a third colour

Another option for a beige and grey living space, is to add a third colour. If you’re looking for how to add colour to a beige living room, the key is to not go too overboard: You still want the overall colour scheme to be grey and beige, but a blush pink, modern teal or electric blue may just add a new lease of life into the room.

If you like the sound of a blue being your third colour, check out our blue living room ideas here.

4. Get scatty with scatter cushions

While grey and beige may naturally feel a little bare and cold, an abundance of scatter cushions will certainly transform the space into a cosy retreat. You can never have too many cushions, so experiment with different textures and shades of beige and grey to create the perfect resting spot.

5. Halo the natural light

As we mentioned above, natural light is a great way to create balance between grey and beige. It acts as the middle man that opens up the space without being too overpowering.

To halo natural light in any room, you should avoid blocking light sources with furniture, use light drapery and strategically place mirrors on the walls opposite any windows.

6. The dark wall trend

A popular trend last year was the dark wall trend. It saw thousands of people taking the plunge to paint their living space black or dark grey. Some opted for a single wall, while others dived in head first and painted the whole room.

Whichever way you decide to take on this trend, you may just find it’s the perfect way to turn your grey-beige colour scheme on its head. Most people would choose beige as the foundation, with grey accents. But what about doing things the other way round?

Paint your living room a darker shade of grey, and bright the space up with a beige sofa or scatter cushions in lighter colours.

7. Use metallics

Metallics are a sure fire way to add sparkle and luxury to a grey room. But they can also help when trying to combine beige with grey. Use a glass sideboard or coffee table with silver exposed legs, or add metal and silver decor around the room. Read our coffee table decor ideas guide for inspiration. This not only will help to reflect natural light, but also work as a link between the two neutrals.

8. Coastal bliss

Similar to the rustic farmhouse style, a coastal theme could also work. Rather than opting for a maritime or nautical style, however, think ‘Hamptons holiday home’ for inspiration. Pinstripes, open storage, coastal decor. Make subtle nods to the coast and sea with the occasional shell or driftwood.

9. Naturally neutral

Finally, use your neutral colour palette to create a nature-inspired space. Bring the room together with bold greenery and house plants while using exposed wood furniture or cladding.

Each of these grey and beige living room ideas creates a totally different look. Whether you’re a luxury lover, a shabby chic fan or a cushion enthusiast, there’s something to suit every style.

Of course, there’s still one important question to answer before starting your decorating: What colour sofa? To help, you can shop all our sofas and filter for cream, grey sofas or any other colour that takes your fancy.

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