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Top blue living room decor ideas

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Ed Hawes
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From statement navy blue walls and royal blue accents to ocean blue-greys and tinted teals, blues have a beautiful range of shades to help set the mood. Whether your living room is for entertaining, chilling out in front of the TV or your family playroom, there are plenty of fresh and modern blue living room ideas to go around. If you’re ready to turn your living room into a blue haven, here are some tips from our expert interior designers...

What colours go with blue in a living room?

Depending on the tone and hue of your chosen blue living room, there are plenty of complementary colour options to choose from. To create a contrast, look at colours such as browns, reds and oranges. Cool blues often work well with whites, neutrals and pastel colours, while warmer blues pair nicely with darker hues and even blacks. One modern twist on dark blues is to pair them with jewel tones due to their high colour saturation for a high-impact and beautiful living space.

Is blue good for a living room?

Yes. Blue has been scientifically proven to be the most popular throughout the world. Its broad range of tones can also change the look and feel of any space.

The first step when bringing blues into your living space is to create a mood. Depending on what you use the room for, you might be looking for a tone such as a cooling cerulean to create a relaxing atmosphere, or a warm and bold tone such as cobalt blue to make a statement. Remember that muted blues complement a greater range of colours and create a more soothing mood. To create drama in the space, go for a deeper, rich blue. For a fresh and energetic space, try bright blue hues.

1. Play with patterns

Whether you’re creating a subtle pop of blue or going all-out monochrome, patterns are the perfect way to mix things up. Play with patterns and textures to create eye-catching moments in your living space. A patterned rug, for example. 

To get started, try lining the bottom or top half of your room with statement blue wallpaper to create a two-tone effect. Pair this with neutral and lighter shades on the rest of the wall.

2. Create a statement

Blue living room decor doesn’t necessarily mean blue walls, furniture and carpets. Consider one or two blue statement pieces that really catch the eye. Try using a neutral shade on the wall such as a soft white or cream and add blue furniture to make your living space pop. Alternatively, artwork and lighting can create centerpieces that set the mood without going OTT on blue hues.

For the easiest wall to make a statement, create a statement wall. A statement wall with one colour or pattern adds character to your living room. And, it allows you to keep the rest of the space neutral if a more subtle nod to blue is what you’re after.

3. Use accent colours

Don’t shy away from using accent colours. While they may sound daunting, you don’t have to pick a single tone to make your living space stand out. We recommend using your main accent colour at least three times in your room to create the right balance.

When it comes to picking your perfect accent colour, you can start by toying with shades of blue or green-blue. Try combining a bold wall colour with more muted pieces of the same shade throughout the space. Or, pick analogous greens to subtly compliment your blue accent.

However, if you want a single accent colour that truly pops, you’ll want to refer to the colour wheel. For shades of blue, you’ll be looking for red and orange hues to create a real contrast.

4. Illuminate with lighting

Light fixture

One of the most important and often overlooked additions to a living room is the lighting. While an overhead light can work its magic, lighting accessories are a must-have and a super-effective way of setting the mood in any room.

Try adding a dimmer switch to your main light source to brighten up the room in the day and create a relaxing atmosphere as the sun sets. For extra touches, consider a statement lamp for those evenings curled up on the sofa. Lanterns are also a modern and cutesy addition to any living room and can be mixed and matched to create a versatile and rustic vibe.

Don’t forget that your lighting can be your statement piece too. Oversized floor lamps are an easy way to create a statement blue piece, while low lamps and reading lights combine function with beauty.

5. Finesse with fabrics

One of the more modern ways of creating a colour-centric living room decor is by using fabrics and textiles. A large blue rug in the center of your living room can create a fresh and bold look, especially when paired with neutral furniture.
Blue moments in the form of sofa cushions can add character and (open) curtains draw the eye to the natural light beaming through the windows.

6. Cool it down

To create a living room perfect for winding down, cool blues are the perfect pick. For a bright, fresh and energising space, use a white trim throughout. This can take the form of white skirting boards, door frames and windows.

Subtle touches of cool blue within a white or neutral living room can also create calming living space - making the ideal spot for some real relaxation.

7. Heat it up

Heat things up in your living space with darker blues to create dramatic living room decor. To create a moody dark blue living room, pair darker furnishings with dark ceilings and trims to create the right atmosphere - perfect for a reading nook or evening entertaining.

Another tasteful way of using warm and dark blues is by adding accent colours. A darker living space can be lifted with contrasting yellows, oranges and reds in the form of sofa cushions, curtains and rugs.

8. Nod to nautical

Maritime themes are ever-popular. For a contemporary take on a coastal look, combine blue furniture and artwork with seaside wooden browns and neutral sand colours. Linen is the ideal fabric to finish off a beachy blue living space, so use the fabric in all your soft furnishings such as pillows, and use white cotton curtains to create that seaside feel.

Navy blue living rooms also create the perfect backdrop for a nautical theme. Add classic white stripes and sandy hues to discover the perfect balance.

9. Create depth

If you’re lacking in space, creating depth is a clever way to keep living rooms feeling open and bright. Use plenty of textures and contrasting colours to create a dynamic mood; by contrasting dark and light colours together, the eye is naturally more drawn to the lighter parts of the room - creating depth.

10. Tack the tiles

blue tiles

While blue tiles may seem more appropriate for a bathroom, tiles can be used to create a statement wall or beautiful flooring. A neutral floor is best paired with statement furniture pieces, whereas busy tiled floor patterns can be paired with neutral furnishings and fabrics and statement walls.

11. Go glossy

For a super-modern and grown-up blue lounge theme, go glossy. High-gloss walls can add detail to a room, and glossy (or high-shine laminate) flooring can make a living room feel more expensive.

One thing to remember here is to keep the room light and bright so it doesn’t feel dull. If you pick a high-gloss blue for your walls, a simple way of brightening the space is by using a white ceiling and white trim throughout. Glossy blue walls work best with plenty of lighting, so are best paired with larger windows and white or neutral lighting fixtures.

12. Pair with neutrals

blue sofa

Finally, consider pairing with neutrals to make the blue elements of your room stand out. Neutral fabrics, textiles and living room accessories can make your chosen blues pop.

For an effortlessly chic living room, mix a navy or dark blue sofa with neutral cushions or a white rug underneath. This naturally draws the eye to your sofa centrepiece. Using a matching pouffe with a soft blanket to cover can create a cosy and homely feel, while a sandy brown coffee table can keep your living space functional.

With these ideas, creating the ideal blue living room to match your space couldn’t be simpler. If you’re in need of furnishings, take a look at our blue sofa style guide to get started.

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