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16 green living room ideas

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Ed Hawes
green living rooms

As we all focus to bring more natural elements into our lives, green living rooms have become increasingly popular.

Often associated with rejuvenation or health, green is the perfect go-to colour if you’re looking to bring new life into your old living space. It has the ability to make a room feel lighter and brighter, even if natural light isn’t available.

Is green a good colour for a living room?

Green is a great living room colour, as there are so many different styles and shades to choose from. Whether you’re decorating a small space, or a large open plan living room, there’s a shade of green that’s perfect for your interior.

Lighter greens offer a fresh and calming atmosphere which is ideal for anyone looking to create a cosy retreat. Alternatively, bolder emeralds and forest greens create a contemporary and quirky look for those a little more adventurous.

And, if you’re somewhere in between, there’s plenty of opportunity to combine both the bold and the bashful to create your dream green living room.

What goes with green in a living room?

So now you’ve got the confirmation you needed to paint the walls in your favourite shade, what colours actually go with green decor?

Below, we’ve combined a whole number of different green living room ideas to inspire you. They incorporate furniture ideas, pattern suggestions and colour combinations that work perfectly together.

1. Earthy Greens

Earthy greens like Sap Green or Olive create a mid-century style that’s perfect for small living spaces.

Paint the walls nearest to the garden to invite the green outdoors into the room. These calming shades create an at-one feel between the interior, and nature outside.

2. Greenery on green


What’s better for a green living room idea than greenery itself?

You can check out our living room plants decor guide here, or visit your local garden centre for some inspiration. Adding greenery to the living room is a perfect way to keep the space feeling and looking fresh. As long as you remember to water them, that is!

If you’re not particularly green fingered, there are plenty of faux plants available on the market that look incredibly realistic.

Alternatively, succulents make an easy house plant option with very little maintenance required. Pair with minty green hues and more mineral green shades for an energized, modern style for the living room.

3. Go dark with grey

Does green and grey go together? Absolutely.

Emerald green is a great way to brighten up a dark grey interior with a blast of colour. Combine a bold green with a grey colour palette for a cosy, yet contemporary style.

4. Millennial pink

If you’re looking for olive green living room ideas, millennial pink is an accent colour you need to consider. Pink and green are the combination you never knew you needed.

As opposites on the colour wheel, millennial pink works perfectly in contrast with muted sages, or even a bold emerald. Add a few flamingos and botanical prints in there too, and you’ve got yourself a stylish and quirky tropical look.

Pink adds warmth and sweetness to earthy greens. Pair our green fabric sofas with a number of pastel pink throws or scatter cushions for a relaxed green living room idea.

Or, take the combination further with olive walls, plush pink armchairs and a few metallic touches like brass lighting, or a metal wire coffee table.

5. Use green accents

Not all green living room ideas have to focus on the colour of the walls and carpets. Instead, you can use a neutral palette with a few green accents around the room. Bold pendant lights, a feature wall or green cushions can do just the trick.

A coloured sofa is the perfect piece of upholstery for creating a bold style without overwhelming the space.

Sprinkle a few strategic pieces of green into an otherwise blank canvas, and you’ll have yourself a modern and luxurious style. This is perfect for rented homes, where painting or wallpaper isn’t necessarily an option.

6. Colourblocking

Colourblocking is a great way to create your dream green living room, without fully committing.

Paint the bottom half of the wall green while the other half stays white or blank. Alternatively, paint an archway on the wall in your favourite shade of green to add something a little different to the space.

7. Think Boho

You can create a bohemian style with leafy greens, exposed stone or brick and plenty of wooden decor: Hang a beaded chandelier between two rattan armchairs and a mango wood coffee table, and you’ve got yourself a boho boudoir within minutes.

Boho style has the ability to be busy and boisterous without appearing too overwhelming. It offers a relaxed and natural feel that’s so easy to recreate.

8. Go to the tropics

For those that love a bit of adventure Indiana Jones style, cancel that flight ticket and bring the tropics to you.

Using maximalist wallpaper prints and botanical printed furniture, you can escape from the norm without leaving the sofa.

Combine vibrant colours with leafy jungle prints and rattan furniture.

9. Minimalist with minerals

Bring the tranquility of still water, the freshness of Spring meadows and the optimism of hazy blue skies into the home.

A mineral palette of calming blues and soothing greens is perfect for the living room. It provides a freshness that motivates you through your morning coffee, while also offering a relaxed retreat for the evening.

Be warned however, that not all blue and greens go together. So it’s best to do a little mood boarding before diving in. While you’re at it, check out these top blue living room decor ideas for inspiration.

10. Make a bold statement with a green sofa

green velvet sofas

As mentioned above, we think our Vine fabric sofas are the perfect way to bring life into the living room.

A green sofa is a brave and bold choice, but will definitely grab your attention after a stressful day at work. You’ll be invited into a cosy seating space where you can sit back and forget the world.

Of course, opting for a neutral or grey sofa is usually the go-to, but who says you can’t be a little different?

11. Watercolours

Using watered down shades and brushstroke patterns is a great way to create a calming, creative and refreshing atmosphere in the living room. Ombre voile curtains or light dip dyed linens offer a contemporary style that’s perfect for keeping the room cool in the summer months.

12. Timeless patterns

It’s best to keep things classic when it comes to green living room ideas. Especially when considering patterns and prints.

There’s nothing like an on-trend wallpaper to really date your space. Trends come and go, but classic designs stand the tests of time.

Ikat designs or fretwork patterns are perfect for both soft furnishings and feature walls. It adds character into the space and won’t age the room within a few years.

13. Relaxed country style

green living rooms

On the same line as classic patterns, creating a country style for your green living room is another option.

Ditsy floral prints, or classic heritage style wallpapers go perfectly with a Chesterfield style sofa or armchair for a relaxed, country feel.

14. Teal and tabasco

Teal and tabasco is an alternative green living room idea that’s quite unique. It’s bold but relaxed, confident yet cosy.

Use warming leathers and woods as well as deep shades of teal to create a style that works just as well in Summer and Winter.

15. Keep things neutral

Soft greens with linen and beige shades offer a simple yet homely feel. Using lichen and limestone, the space feels airy and light, while hinting to all things natural.

Add a few stark white accents to keep the muted shades feeling dull or dirty.

16. The English country garden palette

Finally, for those that love shabby chic, or all things quintessentially British, the English country garden palette is the one for you. Consisting of fresh greens, pretty pinks and buttery yellows, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to bring a little positivity into the living room. Use each colour as little or as much as you fancy.

So, these are just a few green living room ideas to get your teeth into. And the great thing is, they’re all completely different! There is a world of possibility when you’ve decided to go for a green colour scheme, as there are so many shades and ways to use it. To help you on your way to your dream green haven, shop our green sofas.
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