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Living room plants decor guide

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Antonio Wedral
Living room plants decor guide

If there’s one thing that can bring an interior to life and make a house feel like a home, it’s greenery. From cacti to peace lilies and succulents to orchids, house plants add instant style to a space and help to make living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms feel lived in and loved.

Not only do house plants have a big impact on interior décor, they’re also very affordable. This makes greenery the perfect choice for people who want to give their homes a brand new look without breaking the bank. If this has got you in the green-fingered mood, take a look at our living room plants décor guide for inspiration.

1. Go big

When it comes to plant decoration in your living room, bigger is almost always better. Big plants will have more of an impact on the look of your living room than smaller blooms and will add height, depth and colour to the space.

If possible, invest in a few large plants like a cactus, cheese plant, rubber plant or indoor palm. Most garden centres and online retailers have dedicated sections for living room indoor plants, so take a look through the various options to find your favourites.

If you’re following the principles of Feng Shui in your home, you might want to consider putting a few of these large plants in the corners of your room. This will help to keep the Chi, or life force, flowing and create a positive feel in your lounge. Take a look at our top tips to Feng Shui your living room for more ideas on getting the layout just right.

2. Let it all hang out

hanging plant

Hanging plants can also look fantastic in living spaces. In fact, if you don’t have the space, or the budget, for a large feature plant, a colourful hanging plant can make a good alternative.

Place your hanging plant on top of a bookcase or high up on a shelf to get maximum impact. If possible, choose a plant whose foliage contrasts with the colour of your walls and furnishings to help it stand out from the background.

3. Opt for low maintenance plants

Unless you have the time to prune, water and mist your houseplants on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to opt for species that need little looking after. Many low maintenance house plants only need to be watered once every few weeks, and some will thrive with even less love and attention.

Some of the best low maintenance plants include succulents, snake plants, cacti, yuccas, spider plants and aloes.

4. Invest in eye-catching pots

grey patterned plant pot

If you want your plants to be an integral part of your interior design scheme, you’ll need to invest in some eye-catching pots. Choose pots that enhance and complement the colours in your living space and that match your interior design theme.

You can either opt for an array of matching pots or choose a selection of different colours and patterns. Where possible, buy pots that are slightly larger than the ones your plants are currently in to give them room to grow.

5. Layer up

If you love a little indoor greenery, you’ll know that there’s no such thing as too many houseplants. In fact, the more plants you have in your living room, the more impressive your interior will look.

Not all of the plants in your living room need to be big. Build up layers of greenery using smaller plants and hanging plants. This will create depth and allow you to rearrange your pots whenever you need a new lounge look.

6. Make use of your windowsills

window plant

When it comes to adding greenery to your living room, windowsills are definitely your friends. Place a row of plants along your sill to create a beautiful window feature and give your favourite plants plenty of natural light.

7. Learn how to look after your plants

Even the lowest maintenance plants need a little looking after every once and awhile. So, to ensure you don’t damage your plants unwittingly, take a minute to learn about their preferred watering habits, ideal locations and feeding regimes.

8. Fake it

If watering, pruning and feeding all sound a bit too much like hard work, you could fake your living room greenery instead. These days, good quality fakes look just like the real thing, allowing you to add a plant-based aesthetic to your living room without any of the hassle.

Introducing some greenery to your living space can help to add colour, character and energy to your home. Get more living room décor inspiration by taking a look around and exploring our Model 01, Model 02 and Model 03 sofa collections today.

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