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Swyft x Patch: 5 reasons why plants are perfect for your bedroom

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Ed Hawes
Swyft x Patch: 5 reasons why plants are perfect for your bedroom

We brought our friends at Patch along to the Model 04 sofa bed photoshoot to understand how plants can create a sense of calm and help with a restful night's sleep. Here's what they said:

Your bedroom is where your day starts and ends, so you want it to be as restful as possible. Adding a few plants can transform your room, not only making it look better and feel cosier, but creating a greater sense of calm. Here are a few reasons your next home makeover should be green.

Plants are relaxing

Many studies have shown that being around nature makes us feel calmer. That’s true inside as well as outside. Green is a colour our brain finds naturally soothing, so bringing a few plants into a room can immediately make it a nicer place to be.

Try putting small, low-maintenance plants on your bedside table so you wake up to a calming view. We recommend Penny the Chinese money plant or Susie the snake plant.

Plants can fit any space

Whatever the size of your bedroom and whatever the light level, you’ll find plants that fit. As long as your room gets some natural light, even just a tiny bit, there’s a plant that can live there. Howard the aspidistra will do well even in very low light.

If space is an issue, hanging plants are your friend. You don’t need any spare floor space to hang a beautiful vine from the ceiling or pop it on a bookshelf. Try Rapunzel the golden pothos.

Plants are an easy way to decorate

Think of plants as living decoration and the possibilities are endless. One of the best things about them is they’re completely portable, so you can move your plants to suit your mood or as your style changes.

Place them around the room, at different heights and on different surfaces, to create the feeling of being surrounded by greenery. Use plants with unusual leaf shapes, like Chaz the monstera, or plants in striking colours, like Tristan the calathea, to maximise interest.

Plants can provide a focal point

Your eye is immediately drawn to plants, so they’re an easy way to pull the look of a room together. Be bold. Put Fidel the fiddle leaf fig tree in your bedroom and instantly your bedroom is transformed into something dramatic.

You can turn a bookcase into a feature wall by placing tumbling plants on its shelves. Use Silvy the satin pothos, Jethro the lipstick plant and Theodore the string of nickels to create a cascade of colours and textures.

Plants create cosiness

You know that feeling you get in a forest, of being gently enclosed by nature? You can create that at home too.

Surround a bedroom chair or sofa with tall plants to create a really cosy reading corner. Or hang plants over the bedhead to make yourself feel almost hugged by greenery as you nod off each night. With lots of soothing plants around you, you may even sleep better.

If this blog has inspired you to bring the outside in then head over to Patch – they've got hundreds of plants looking for a new home.

For more on Model 04: read our interview with the designer, learn how to make a sofa bed like a pro, or browse the collection.

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