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Where to put your sofa in a kitchen diner space

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Olivia Lowry
Where to put your sofa in a kitchen diner space

We’re big fans of open plan living, and for good reason. Combined kitchen and dining spaces are super versatile, and end up being the hub of the home where families, friends and partners can cook together, dine, relax and entertain. 

Some open plan spaces are born out of renovations by removing existing walls, and others are extensions. However you’ve found yourself in an open plan home, we’re getting you inspired with pictures from Swyft customers that have got it nailed when it comes to multi-purpose spaces. 

Open plan kitchen diner with Model 02 sofa


This bright and breezy kitchen diner space by @overatno18 has pops of blue and yellow that make a seriously fun colour statement. A cleverly placed Model 02 sofa faces inwards, giving sofa sitters a great view of kitchen happenings.

 Model 01 sofa in Vine colour in open plan kitchen


This Model 01 in Vine fits perfectly within @house_by_the_seaside’s extension. We love the snug they’ve created by placing the sofa at the end of the dining area, which separates the multi-use space really well. The layout of the sofa being adjacent to the breakfast bar is great for socialising too, making for a lovely spot to chat over coffee in the morning.


Model 01 sofa in open plan neutral colour kitchen


This Model 01 in Teal gives a playful pop of colour in contrast to the rest of the neutrally toned kitchen diner space in @kingspring_house’s place. With the addition of a coffee table, it’s the perfect spot for dinner guests to move to once the meal is over, and the addition of a wood burner fire creates a cosy corner of the room for snuggling up on the sofa.

 Open plan kitchen space with french doors leading to garden


Who says you need to point your sofa at a TV? Not @thewhitewoodhouse.  Here, nature provides the view through beautiful french doors that open up onto the garden. By facing the sofa this way it creates a calming, uninterrupted space for lounging, and flicking through your current favourite reads.

To be featured, tag us in your own snaps of your Swyft sofa @swyfthome. If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in: Kitchen sofa buying and styling, Dinner party styling tips, or How to create the ideal Al Fresco experience.

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