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Lick x Swyft's Paint Colour Trends 2021

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Antonio Wedral
Lick x Swyft's Paint Colour Trends 2021

Image credit: @__itslucy__

Get out the rollers and jump into your oldest overalls, it’s about time we looked at what paint colour trends to watch out for this year.

The colours we use to decorate our homes can have a real impact on the look and feel of each room. Colours are emotive, they set the tone for the room, and as a result, how you feel when spending time in that room. You want to feel happy, safe and comforted.

As mentioned in our Interior Design Trends 2021 blog, the impact of the past year is playing a crucial role in how we dress our homes - there is a need to create a safe refuge from the outside, a refuge which provokes a calm, zen-like environment. Mental health is a core concern for many and with the majority of our time spent in the home, the home has become a protective playground where we can relax and switch off.

With that in mind, it’s important to experiment with different colour palettes which are backed by the experts. A wealth of knowledge can ensure you’re creating the right ambiance for the room and for its intended purpose.

To help you transform your living space, we asked Lick to share their top 5 Paint Colour Trends for 2021. Lick is an online home decor brand who are shaking up the industry. They’re a “people-powered decorating movement” who offer a collection of 49 paint colours, 37 wallpaper designs, 21 roller blinds and 8 Venetian blinds with next day delivery samples. We couldn’t have asked for better expert painters, decorators or interior designers to help with this trends piece - so, you’re in safe hands.

Top 5 Paint Colour Trends of 2021


With blue being the world's favourite colour, it is no wonder we see this timeless colour time and time again. Blue 07 offers a cosy cocoon feel; its rich pigment is incredibly inviting and works well in both a bedroom or living room setting.


Charcoal blue with grey undertones, Teal 03 comes alive in a bathroom setting especially when paired with white tiling. It offers sophistication and elegance, whilst reminding us of ocean horizons and sea salted memories.


As we all crave the great outdoors, being surrounded by the calmness of Green 04 is bang on trend for 2021. It works well in both north and south-facing rooms.


For the ultimate neutral palette, Beige 02 is your go-to colour, it instantly soothes the mind and makes you feel more relaxed. The neutral tones, allows other elements in the room to be celebrated.


Pink once frowned upon in interiors, has now become the must-have colour. Lick's Pink 02 has a delicate touch; a dusty pink with a light touch of grey prevents this subtle pink from being too sugary, giving a much fresher finish.

There has never been a better time to reinvent your space than with a lick of paint. Changing the colour of your room can have a positive impact in more ways than one. These five colour paint trends can help set the foundations of what you want to do with your space.

To browse Lick’s full collection click here or if you’re looking for inspiration head to their Instagram page, @Lick.

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All images used in this blog are credited to Lick.

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