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How to style modular sofas: the Model 06

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Ed Hawes
grey modular sofa

Modular sofas have such a versatile style that makes them perfect in any interior, from city apartments to country homes, and everything in between. Our Model 06 has a timeless, tailored look that references Italian design, with deep proportions and refined detailing. 

In this post, we’ll explore styling ideas for this modular beauty that’s taking the interiors world by storm, one feet-up moment at a time. Want to browse the rest of the collection? Head over here to find cushiony heaven.


Model 06 in Vine green colour
Model 06 in Vine green

We saw this stunning sage green wood panelling and knew it was the perfect contrast to our Model 06 in Vine. When pairing deep, dark velvets, softer pastel tones are always a winner. By pairing this perch with a gold-coloured side table, the richness of the green really comes to life. Floor space is aplenty here, which makes the modular possibilities of the Model 06 the perfect choice in this family home.


Model 06 in Pumice
Model 06 in grey

Neutral interiors always stand the test of time, and we reckon it’s down to their universal calming feel. Our designers paired the linen of Model 06 in Pumice with a textured wool rug to create a sensory-friendly space. Comfort is catapulted to a new level thanks to the feather and foam-filled softness of the Model 06’s cushions.


blue modular sofas
blue modular sofas

Styled to perfection, this one’s all about zoning. Our team have created a proper hideaway section by backing this Model 06 sofa in Teal onto a slate grey bedroom wall. By adding light coloured cushions in natural linen fabrics, this snoozy space is even more enticing. Although this is a smaller space, there wasn’t any need for squeezing whole furniture through the tricky doorways thanks to our easy delivered in a box concept. Nice.


modular armchair orange

Brick is a staff favourite here at Swyft, and as a real statement colour, we’re always happy to see it take centre stage. This Model 06 Armchair in Brick is the perfect pop against the monochrome paint scheme of this annexe chill-out. Our team has given a nod to red tones in the choice of art which solidifies this corner as an ideal solo reading (or scrolling- we won’t judge) space. Apart from looking great, this chair’s made to stand up to the test of time with an amazing 100-year frame guarantee. Now that’s a whole lot of relaxing.


Model 06 in Charcoal dark grey black

Last but definitely not least is this gorgeous grey beauty. Our Model 06 in Charcoal really is as soft as it looks, contrasting well with the shine of a textured studio concrete floor. Monochrome comfy cushions are in keeping with the classic theme which is given a surprising twist of neon in the frame. We don’t know about you, but this outhouse looks like it’s not far off being transformed into a chilled party space. Hosting stress is gone with the Model 06’s stain-resistant fabric, so your sofa is guaranteed to look just as clean the next day.

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