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How To Take Care Of A Feather Filled Sofa

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Ed Hawes
Feather Filled Sofas

Birds of a feather, lounge together. On the topic of feathers, we’ve put together this guide on how to keep your feather filled sofa looking just as plump as the first time you sat on it. 

There are loads of benefits to choosing a feather filled sofa. Apart from being incredibly comfortable in the way they mould to your body, feather fillings are known to be super durable too. It’s a common misconception that they can be a lot of work to maintain, and we’re here to let you know that it’s easier than it looks.


Restoring the loft

This one’s all about maintenance of what’s called the loft, and no, we don’t mean the space above your parent’s place that’s filled with hand-me-downs. The loft is just a fancy way of describing the plumpness of a feather filled cushion

Over time you might find that some dips appear in the seat cushions, especially if you’re sitting in the same place on the sofa each time. This in itself is totally normal, as the feathers become compressed, and thankfully there are a few easy hacks to solve this. 

Plumping regularly is the obvious one, but there’s no stomping or punching needed. Instead, we recommend picking the seat cushions up and dropping them (safely) onto the floor to easily ruffle those feathers and return them to ultimate squishy-ness. Do it a few times over, and you’re on your way back to cloud-like lounging.

velvet green modular sofa

Fabric care

Once you’ve got your sofa in pride of place, vacuum it regularly to avoid build ups of dust, lint and inevitable toast crumbs. If there are any spills, we recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth, using water only. 

Avoid using any detergents or harsh chemicals when cleaning your feather filled sofa, as these can break down the feather structure over time shortening the product’s lifespan, and nobody wants that. Thanks to our stain resistant fabrics, nobody needs to know about that accidental Friday night red wine spill, or a slip of the ice cream spoon. We promise not to tell. 

As not all of our fabrics are stain resistant, we advice looking at Emmiera 5 year warranty, which covers accidental spills. 

Wine spill on stain resistant fabric

Air it out

Life at home creates odours. Whether it’s the smell of some cooking you’d rather not linger about, or your living room’s just had a busy weekend with loads of guests, it’s easy to get rid of all the evidence and make those feathers smell fresh again. 

As needed, take the cushions off your sofa and lay them on a flat, clean surface outside for several hours on a dry day. Just like line drying your clothes, giving your cushions a bit of outside time allows the internal fibres and feather fillings to “breathe” for a while. This is an easy way of removing any lingering smells without the need for any chemical cleaners or products. Minimal effort, maximum freshness.

white modular sofa

Taking care of your feather filled sofa really is as simple as that. With a little maintenance, you get to enjoy a perfect perch that’s the epitome of relaxation, comfort and luxury. We reckon that’s definitely worth it. 

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