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Year in Review: Swyft's top 10, 2021

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Ed Hawes
Year in Review: Swyft's top 10, 2021

It’s that time of year when we reflect on the past 12 months – and what a year it’s been. Not only have we celebrated our second birthday, which has seen us launch five sofa collections, three side tables, one sofa bed range and one coffee table, but we’ve had two factory moves and a factory expansion. It’s safe to say, there’s a lot to be celebrated. 

We’ve also seen our Instagram community grow from 26,000 (when I wrote the Year in Review 2020) to nearly 70,000 – we’ve more than doubled our community, and for that we want to say a massive thank you. It’s great to see a new wave of people trusting in our vision to make furniture and upholstery more convenient without losing quality. 

As we did last year, we’ve reviewed all of the photos we’ve been tagged in over the past year to share our top 10 list. We’ve chosen a list which highlights our entire offering – each image has been shot perfectly or styled beautifully. Congratulations to everyone who’s made the list – and thank you to all who tagged us and opened up their homes to us. 


projectonparkstreet lets the Model 00 have its moment. 

Although this image only shows the Model 00, we love the rustic interior. It shows how a bold colour like Brick can really work in a great interior – it not only works as a statement piece (used in sofas, for example), but as a colour for transitional pieces, accessories or smaller furniture items. These transitional pieces can be used to bring the room together, or to add a pop of colour in an otherwise neutral setting.   


@atnumberforteen_’s elephant Model 02 is a similar shade and tone to the wall. Block colours used throughout are matched with a chunky weave rug, which makes for a cosy and inviting interior. The use of circular shapes in the side tables, lamps, bolster cushions and footstool is a nice repetitive touch and helps give the room a bit of character.  


Who doesn’t love a dog photo? @koya_the_labrodoodle’s our biggest brand ambassador and we love him for it.

The way the room is styled is minimalist, but with a few statement items to balance the room. We also love how the Model 03 is used without arms – it shows the versatility of the collection and reimagines the way sofas are used and need to be. 


@chloe_wooods highlights that boho is very much a desired look and one that can make a room feel warm and welcoming. The use of vine as a standout colour for the sofa is paired well with an earthy, neutral colour palette for accessories and transitional pieces – this also helps create a room full of character. 


@1894home shows perfectly how the Model 04 can be used as your main sofa, as well as doubling up as a sofa bed. 

The vine is paired well with the dark blue walls, creating the ideal mood for a cosy living room. The rustic wooden floor against the patterned rug, adds a nice touch of character and personality. The room is also brightened by the neighbouring natural light which floods the room next door. 


@ourneutralground lives up to their name. The neutral sofa, coffee table, floor and accessories work well against its dark grey background. It creates a Scandinavian modern design; a minimalist dream where light flows well around the room. The striped rug adds texture to the room and is a nod to the similarly shaded walls. We also love how the Model 03 is split into two sections, highlighting how well the modular collection can be used.

@ did an incredible job designing this apartment located within one of London’s landmark towers with 30 floors. The client wanted a relaxing yet luxurious home, so they used neutral tones throughout with pops of bold colours. The way it’s styled shows how versatile the Model 04 design  is, especially in the different fabrics and colour options. 


uses colour throughout the room. With a neutral backdrop and floor, it’s refreshing to see colour being used in blocks to create a space with a little interest. 

A bold, print cushion paired with a plain earthy tone works well on the brick Model 01 sofa. The earthy tones are continued with the side table, lampshade, plant pot and plant which helps bring the brick sofa into the colour scheme. We also love how @renovating_garthland balances the neutral walls and floor with a darker wall and well-situated dark cabinet. 


maireadturner’s living room is the perfect example of modernist meets maximalist. The Model 03 in vine is not only a statement piece, which helps create a focal point in the room, but it’s tone and character is met in the striking wallpaper. The small gallery wall also shows how you can add personality to a room without getting lost in the decor.


A neutral colour palette promoted through the use of cushions, wall paint colour and a mix of accessories and smaller furniture items. uses small touches to bring the room together through brighter and darker shades i.e. the rug and plants. The Model 04 in pumice is camouflaged against the wall colour to help keep the Scandinavian feel to the room. It’s simplicity styled, boasts clean lines and fresh colours, creating a relaxed yet beautiful environment. 


If you enjoyed seeing what our customers do with their Swyft sofas then head to our Instagram page for more. Or, if you've got one yourself, we’d love to see how you’ve styled it so share an image of your living room by tagging @swyft_home.

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