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Year in review: Swyft's top 10 photos on Instagram

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Antonio Wedral
Year in review: Swyft's top 10 photos on Instagram

As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on what has been a somewhat ridiculous year - in more ways than one.

Not only did we launch just before a global pandemic, but, this time last year we only had a couple hundred followers on Instagram, and now twelve months later, there’s 26,000! We only have you to thank for that - without your support in following our journey, we would not be where we are today.


To celebrate, we went through our tagged images on Instagram and chose our top 10 from the past year. We’ve chosen a selection from our Model’s 01, 02 and 03 ranges - each sofa has been shot beautifully or styled to perfection. Congratulations to all, thank you for opening up your homes to us.

10. @the_life_of_lizziec

We love how @the_life_of_lizziec uses the pumice Model 02 to contrast against the dark feature wall. This, mixed with the accent coloured cushioning makes the sofa a real focal point and helps bring it life.

9. @srnefloristry

@srnefloristry's use of bold, directional and accent colours brings the room together nicely. The room feels fresh, almost Spring-like which is nice to see in the cold Winter months.

8. @five_make_a_home

Being one of the first images we were ever tagged in, it will always have a special place in our hearts. We love the clean, simple lines, the lighting is spot on and the little model, of course.

7. @lauraccrombie

The use of symmetry in @lauracrombie's living room is a real treat - the sofa is centred with the rug and ceiling light following suit. The wall lamps either side help focus the eye on the artwork which sits nicely above the sofa - perfect. We also love the pink shaded wall - pink is going to be huge next year, so we're guaranteed to see more of it in the future.

6. @hawley_home

Nothing says cosy more than a collection of patterned scatter cushions and a rug. The use of layering throughout the room helps create interest and balance with the feature length mirror building a bigger sense of space. We also love how @hawley_home use tones of pink to counter the dark teal of the Model 03.

5. @sam_does_design

We love the simplicity of @sam_does_design's photo, the apartment is light and airy highlighting the tranquility of high rise living. And the vine contrast against the all white walls creates a real bold statement.

4. @hannahfarley100

We love the orange glow that comes with @hannahfarley100's Moroccan themed living room. The space is so inviting, the patterned cushions on the Model 01 pumice is asking to be curled up on.

3. @lukearthurwells

The light and clean aesthetic of @lukearthurwells' space is the definition of zen. We love the use of neutrals throughout the room: from the cushions and throw to the placement of the crockery and coffee table book. It's perfect.

2. @house_no_61

What happened to Summer? @house_no_61's outhouse is something to admire and is even more appealing with our Model 02 velvet vine. The simplicity of the room and small colour scheme helps highlight the sofa as well as bring the room together. An outhouse we could spend time in.

1. @payneslittlehome_

@payneslittlehome is our favourite image tagged on Instagram this year. We love everything, literally. The styling is spot on. The use of logs to fill the alcove, touched with the dried wildflowers, really brings the outside in and helps with a natural and rustic charm. We also love the subtle use of the floor lamp, throw, cushions, artwork and stool - together creating a room full of character. The warm neutrals used throughout creates an ideal space to lounge.

Thank you @payneslittlehome for sharing your home with us, we can't wait to see what's in-store for your next year.


If you've enjoyed seeing the different styling techniques and ways our customers have used their space, head to @swyft_home to see more. Alternatively, if you want to share your own style and possibly feature on our page then please give us a tag us.

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