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What’s the deal with sage green décor?

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Olivia Lowry
What’s the deal with sage green décor?

This week’s trend report is all about a firm favourite- sage green. We’re massive fans of using it in our own homes at Swyft, and that’s why we’ve caught up with in-house interiors expert Kelly Collins for the latest tips, tricks and inspo for using this beautifully calming colour in your own home.

Kelly Collins Swyft Interior Stylist

Is green on trend for interiors right now?

“The colour green and all its variations have been a strong staple in our interior enthusiast pallets for a while. It’s a super versatile colour that works well in multiple areas of the home, so it’s definitely not going anywhere (which I’m pleased about as I love it!)”, says Kelly.

How do you use sage green?

“Previously I’ve used greens in rich, deeper tones and paired them with brass and dark stain wood for a contemporary feel. On the other hand, going with lighter greens like sage creates a really calming feel to rooms that I’d usually work into interiors that have existing creams, off-whites and earthy textures. This really brings the outside in, by creating a natural feel”, Kelly explains.

Green kitchen interior

A great example of dramatic green is shown below from Hannah of @theloftreno. Here, she's cleverly paired Sage Green paint with Swyft’s Model 02 green sofa in Vine, creating a more high-end, polished look that’s really impressive”.

If you're going with a darker version of sage green like this in your own home, it’s a good idea to consider your lighting choices. Kelly offers some more advice: Keep it atmospheric by focusing on the quality of your low-level lighting, like table lamps and candles”.

@theloftreno Instagram@theloftreno (Model 02 sofas in Vine)

If you’re more in the market for lighter tones of green, the below example from Kirsty at @atnumberfourteen_ is great inspiration. Here, they’ve used the classic combination of green and pink to create a traditionally softer feel. There’s a reason why green and pink have been a lifelong love affair of designers, and this room really shows off why.

Using a naturally warmer pink perfectly balances the cooler feeling of sage green as an interior choice. If there’s one piece of advice I’d give it’s to not overdo the pink- just a few subtle touches are all you need for your space, says Kelly.

@atnumberfourteen_ Instagram

@atnumberfourteen_ (Model 02 sofa in Elephant)

Do other greens go with sage?

“Absolutely! Mixing different tones of the same colour has been a way to add depth to interiors for decades. Mixing colours doesn’t have to be just about paint though- try getting green-fingered and experimenting with a selection of house plants for extra earthy textures that work well against sage. When it comes to other furniture and soft furnishings, think about textures. Linens, rattan and different wood tones are usually what it takes to properly tie a sage green interior together”.

Model 02 green sofa vine


What does green represent in interior design?

“Green is perfect if you’re trying to bring the outside in and create a calm and relaxing environment”, says Kelly. The colour green represents nature and has been proven to invoke calm and relaxing emotions, making it a perfect choice for living rooms and bedrooms alike. Green colours work well with a number of interior styles from minimalist rooms to Scandinavian spaces. The versatility of this colour and how easy it works for different spaces really makes it a great colour to choose if you’re looking to refresh your home”.

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