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Mid-Century Modern Living Room: Decor & Style Ideas

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Antonio Wedral
Mid-Century Modern Living Room: Decor & Style Ideas

Clean, classic and effortlessly elegant, mid-century modern could be the perfect look for your living room. The style was made popular by furniture designers and architects in the 1950s and has been going strong ever since. Its versatility and light, airy aesthetic make mid-century modern ideal for rooms of all shapes and sizes and its practicality means it’s perfect for family life.

If you’re currently looking for a new look for your living room, mid-century modern could well be the way to go. To help you get a feel for the style, and start planning your new interior, we’re taking a closer look at mid-century modern interior design and everything it has to offer.

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-Century Modern is a design style that became popular in the postwar era of the 1950s. It formed a distinct move away from classical design and pushed architects, furniture makers and other artisans to look firmly to the future.

The movement grew out of the Bauhaus design ideas of the 1920s that placed an emphasis on usability. This idea of ‘form follows function’ was incredibly influential in mid-century modern design and played a big part in creating the clean, understated aesthetic of the era.

A lot of mid-century modern furnishings, including sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and dining tables, have elegant wooden feet. This gives even the largest pieces a weightless feel and lets light travel easily through a space.

Mid-century modern furniture also makes full use of the textures, colours and shapes offered by fabric and upholstery. Rich colours and tactile textiles contrast beautifully with polished wooden frames to create pieces that really stand the test of time.

Our Model 02 is a fantastic example of the mid-century modern style. Its wooden legs, sumptuous upholstery and elegant cylindrical cushions give the piece its classic good looks, while its simple but beautiful silhouette ensures the sofa will look fantastic in any home.

Creating a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

If you like the idea of creating a mid-century living room, it’s a good idea to start with the larger furnishings like sofas, chairs and tables. Once you’ve got these right, it should be easier to dress the space and complete your new interior look.

As we’ve seen, our Model 02 sofa is the perfect centrepiece for your new living room. Choose a rich Teal, contemporary Brick or classic Shadow colour for your upholstery to create an eye-catching seating area for your space.

Alternatively, you can invest in the Model 01 instead. This sofa style has many of the features of the mid-century modern look including elegant wooden legs, beautiful upholstery and a clean, simple aesthetic. If you opt for the Model 01 range, you can pair your new sofa with a matching armchair and make your seating area even more stylish.

When adding other furnishings to the space, try to match their colour and style to the sofa you’ve already selected. Look for tables and chairs that feature the same type or shade of wood and similar lines to your existing furnishings. This will help to tie your space together.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Once you’ve found the perfect sofa, chairs and furnishings for your mid-century modern living room, it’s time to have some fun dressing and finishing the space. Lighting is very important in mid-century modern design so make sure you invest in a feature standing lamp as well as an eye-catching ceiling light.

Placing a mid-century modern rug on the floor in front of your sofa will help to better-define your seating area, while a stylish coffee table will add practicality and a focal point to the space. Brighten up your mid-century modern living room with bright, bold pictures on the walls and introduce some greenery with a few carefully chosen houseplants.

As the mid-century modern aesthetic never really goes out of style, sourcing both original and reproduction furnishings and accessories is relatively easy. This can allow you to find the pieces that really work for your home and your interior design style.

Although it’s easy to go overboard with the mid-century modern look, this clean, uncluttered style lends itself perfectly to more minimal spaces. Holding back on the ornaments and accessories will allow your beautiful pieces of mid-century modern furniture to really shine.

Find out more about the Swyft collection of mid-century modern sofas, and start creating the ultimate mid-century modern look for your home.

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