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Linen: how this wardrobe staple is making a comeback into home interiors

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Ed Hawes
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As sunnier days are in sight and holidays are booked, there’s one stand-out fabric that’s making a comeback this year. Linen is well and truly back and is already taking over the fashion scene again as warmer weather approaches. Along with this summery shake-up of our wardrobes, we’re really excited to see more linen making an appearance in interiors up and down the country.

Made from naturally occurring fibres within the flax plant, this trend isn’t only about looking good, but doing good too. Being biodegradable makes linen one of the most eco-friendly fabrics around, and we’re all for planet-friendly decor. This week we’ve rounded up some inspiration for utilising the beautiful textures of linen around your home.

linen sofas


Tablecloths and napkins

bowl of avocados on green linen tablecloth

The hardwearing natural weave of linen makes it a brilliant choice for napkins, placemats and table runners. Introduce these fabrics as a permanent piece of decor to your dining table to really elevate the room, with or without cutlery and glassware.

We reckon linens are a great addition year-round, so why not mix up the colours of your table settings throughout the year? This summer, nod to brighter days with crisp whites and pale yellows. When autumn approaches, swap these choices out for deeper tones of auburn, rich blues and earthy greens.

Sofas and armchairs

Not only is linen a super durable fabric, but it’s often quite naturally stain-resistant too. With added fibre coatings, you’re going to get a pretty durable sofa that not only looks beautiful, but stands up to many years of use as well. 

If you’re considering a linen sofa, try experimenting with different fabric swatches in your existing space to see what feels right. Opt for calming neutral colours like Pumice or Shadow, for a super sophisticated look. If colourful spaces are more your thing, introduce hues of Blush, Turquoise or Seaglass.

model 05 loveseat in linen fabric(Model 05 Loveseat in Linen)

Curtains and blinds

When it comes to curtains and blinds, linen is really versatile as a fabric choice. Go for an upmarket hotel feel by hanging billowing translucent textures in light colours. Want your space to feel more formal? Opt for opaque, thicker linens for roman blinds that work with the fabrics' natural stiffness to sit neatly over your windows. 

We love linen curtains as a summer fabric choice for their breathable qualities which keep interior temperatures cool. Hanging them over interior door frames within the house helps to create zones and allows airflow to circulate better.

linen curtains

Throws and bedding

Taking over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds is the unmistakable texture of linen bedding sets and throws. Whether you opt for perfectly ironed bed sheets or prefer the natural, lived-in look, there’s no doubt that this fabric is perfect for bedrooms

Have fun with pillows and duvet covers in mismatched colours that create that extra bit of depth to your bedroom oasis. Again, changing up tones through different seasons helps play into the organic, outdoor-inspired feel of linen. All in all, this makes for an undoubtedly sumptuous spot for snoozing.

linen bedding with person drinking tea in linen pyjamas

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