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Comfort colours: how to do autumnal aesthetics at home

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Olivia Lowry
autumn aesthetic cosy aesthetic earthy colours for interiors autumn home decor winter home decor cosy home

We’re taking inspiration from autumnal colours this week as the days get darker and the Christmas season approaches. Warm, darker tones for home decor work all year round, though there’s something extra cosy about them in the colder months. Here’s some Pinterest-worthy ideas for autumnal interior aesthetics that’ll inspire plans for your own place.

How do you get an autumn aesthetic?

The most effective way to achieve an autumn aesthetic in your home is through clever use of colour. Try experimenting with warmer shades like red, dark green, brown or mustard, and steer clear of cooler shades like light green, purple and blue. Warm colours have been proven to make interiors feel welcoming and cosy.

Wall colours

Welcome the new season with an all-over wall makeover. Follow an autumnal aesthetic colour palette of warm tones that’ll work all-year round. To refresh your space in this way, consider the colour of your current furniture. For a bolder look, contrast your wall colours with the furniture, or for a more subtle change, opt for laidback neutrals.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor cosy interior autumn interior trends winter interior trends

Image: Eclectic Trends via Pinterest

This plaster pink and red mix of colours makes the room feel more inviting as the colder months come along. Extending the lighter paint colour to the ceiling creates a cosy feel without being overpowering. Recreate the look in your own home by painting ceilings in earthy colours where there’s plenty of natural light.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor cosy interior autumn interior trends winter interior trends

Image: Bauwerk Colour via Pinterest

Limewash effect might be more commonly associated with Mediterranean style interiors, but it can work for a cosier winter style too. This room uses a deep emerald green to compliment the mid-century style furniture. For sideboard areas where decorative pieces are displayed, a complimentary shade on the walls creates an effective backdrop.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor cosy interior autumn interior trends winter interior trends

Image: Etsy via Pinterest

This neutral colour celebrates rich caramel tones and works well to create natural cosy shadows in the archway of the room. Autumnal colours don’t have to be bright. If you’re firmly in the neutral zone, taking your favourite colours a few shades darker is enough to begin creating a comfortable, warmer feel. Avoid greys or other neutrals with blue undertones to make sure your room doesn’t end up feeling cold.

Furniture colours

As the biggest item in your living room, your sofa or armchair colour is the base for everything else. Choose a comfortable sofa or armchair style that’s ideal for laidback wintery Sunday afternoons reading a book or catching up on a must-see series.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor mustard sofa yellow sofa mid century modern sofa

Image: Model 02 sofa in Mustard by Swyft

Dark colours don’t have to compromise on being bright. This mid-century sofa in Mustard makes for the perfect living room statement. Recreate this look yourself by choosing a soft-to-touch velvet sofa in a mid-century style. Combined with traditional wood panelling, this room’s made for staying indoors and getting stuck into a good book in the colder months.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor faux leather sofa leather sofa brown sofa


Image: Model 03 sofa and storage ottoman in Chestnut Leather by Swyft

This look combines traditional and contemporary for an autumnal look that works all year round. Tick off neutrals with a Chestnut faux leather sofa that reminds us of cosy country homes. Elevate the cottage aesthetic by adding some accent cushions or a faux sheepskin blanket for added comfort.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor red sofa velvet sofa terracotta sofa brick sofa comfortable armchair


Image: Model 06 armchair in Brick by Swyft

Create a cosy corner for reading, listening to music or working on a hobby this autumn. The warm tones and comfy cushions of this Brick red armchair are perfect for this time of year. Choosing a soft velvet fabric enhances the comfortable feeling even more.

Decorative object colours

Play with comfort colours in ways that don’t involve fabrics. Swap out existing decorative objects around the home with understated seasonal ones - they don’t have to be over-the-top to have an impact. Less is more when it comes to seasonal decor around your home.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor mantlepiece decor mantlepiece ideas

Image: Lone Fox Home via Pinterest

Dress up your mantlepiece with candles, sweeping foliage arrangements and natural textured objects in autumn-inspired colours. When styling areas like this, choose a couple of main colours and experiment with different shades to create depth.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor autumn drink amber glass mug amber glassware tinted glassware

Image: LetItFly via Pinterest

Give your coffee table a little love and swap out mugs with on-trend tinted glassware for the winter season. Small details can make all the difference when creating an autumnal aesthetic. Play with amber tones in glassware, vases and decorations that’ll compliment the rest of the space.

autumnal aesthetic cosy aesthetic autumn decor seasonal flowers autumn flowers foraged flowers

Arrangement by Jess Blume

If fresh flowers make a regular appearance in your home, consider swapping your usual bunch of blues, light greens and peach pink florals for something more seasonal. Wildflowers and locally-sourced stems are a great sustainable way to decorate your space with comfort colours throughout autumn and winter.

Cushion colours

Switching up your cushions with the seasons is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of changing the overall feel of your space. Introduce comfort colours to your living room by adding scatter cushions in rich autumnal colours.

cosy autumn winter aesthetic autumn home style winter home style mustard yellow wall cosy blanket mid century modern home

Image: Model 02 sofa in Light Grey by Swyft

This light grey sofa is brightened up for the winter season thanks to the addition of a colourful cushion and a soft throw. Work with similar tones as the walls to create an inviting space to relax in until summer comes back around.

red velvet sofa sofa bed red sofa bed velvet sofa bed upholstered sofa bed green and red interior


Image: Model 04 sofa bed in Brick by Swyft

For a more contrasting look, combine warm colours at different ends of the spectrum. To recreate this look for autumn, think about referencing other colours in the room in your textiles. Here, the green cushion is a nod to the garden view and indoor plants, and there’s some matching going on with threads of red in the cosy throw. Perfect for cuddling up.

beige sofa neutral sofa linen fabric sofa corner sofa wall panels paneling DIY traditional style interior orange cushion red cushion oak floor

Image: Model 06 sofa in Pumice by Swyft

For the neutral fans out there, consider trialling a pop of colour. This leafy auburn cushion colour brings this living room into the new season and contrasts with the natural texture of the linen sofa. To recreate this with your own neutral colour sofa, choose an earthy colour for a Pinterest-worthy autumnal look in seconds.

How can you make a modern home feel cosy?

  • Decorate with warm-toned colours 
  • Soften sleek lines with cosy textured blankets
  • Use cosier textures like jute, wool and boucle
  • Create a cosy glow with dimmed lamps

What are autumn colours for decorating?

  • Burgundy red
  • Vine green 
  • Chestnut brown
  • Mustard Yellow 
  • Pumice Beige

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