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20 cosy grey living room ideas and styles

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Ed Hawes
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It’s no secret that grey is a very popular colour for people’s living rooms right now. And for good reason! With grey-styled homes splashed all over social media, magazines and TV too, everyone is loving this versatile shade. Grey has the ability to add warmth to a colour scheme just as easy as it adds coolness. It can be both edgy and charming, calm and vivid and suit every season and every decor style. The opportunities are truly endless.

While some may be averse to using such a neutral colour for fear that it’ll come across as boring or dull, grey is here to stay and can be adapted across so many different colour schemes. And, if you’re going for a cosy, scandi style living room this autumn/winter, then grey will undoubtedly be your best friend.

Whether you’re already a lover of grey or thinking about jumping on board the trend, we’ve put together a list of 20 cosy grey living room ideas to give you some inspiration and show just how versatile this shade can really be.

1. Use Different Shades of Grey

grey sofa

Can’t decide on just one shade of grey? Try layering the shades for the best effect. If you have light grey walls, choose a darker grey sofa, rugs, picture frames and other small decor accessories to add depth and contrast. Using different shades of grey rather than one will also prevent your living room from looking dull and flat, so have fun with the tones.

2. Add Metallic Tones

Adding a few metallic touches to your grey living room is a great way of adding interest and movement to the space. A silky silver rug, crushed velvet pillows and chrome side tables will give your grey living room a much-needed lift and a luxe feel. We’d recommend sticking to one metallic shade throughout, such as silver, chrome, gold or rose gold to maintain the visual coherence.

3. Create a Grey Textured Wall

Creating a textured wall can be very hit or miss. But, if done right, it can give your living room a shabby chic, rustic vibe while adding something a little unique and very on-trend to your living room. A dark grey textured wall will ooze elegance with its perfectly imperfect finish. You can then complement the artistic wall with tonal hues and plush fabrics for the ultimate cosy space.

4. Warm Up a Grey Living Room with Soft Lighting and Natural Materials


If you’re worried about your living room feeling too cool-toned, it can easily be warmed up with a few pieces of decor. Choose soft and fluffy throws and pillows to add texture and make the room feel cosier. Potted plants and candles also make a home feel more warm and welcoming. Add natural wood wherever possible such as coffee or side tables. And let in as much natural light as possible too.

5. Include Bold and Bright Colours

Liven up your grey living room by including bold pops of colour. Grey, especially dark grey, is a great shade to anchor bold colours such as yellow, orange, red, teal and bright pink as it really makes them stand out. Adding a brightly coloured accent chair, curtains, a few Swyft cushions or lamp will turn your living room into an inviting and sensational space.

6. Add Greenery

Houseplants can bring so much joy to any room. They even have health benefits too as some can purify the air and help get rid of any nasty pollutants. But, even in the simplest of colour schemes, green plants will add a much-needed pop of colour and give the room more depth and life. Choose a large, statement plant for an empty corner in the room or several smaller plants to place on bookshelves, coffee tables or to hang from the ceiling.

7. Choose a Chic Grey Sofa

grey sofa cream rugs

While more colourful sofas are becoming increasingly popular, you can’t beat the simple chicness of a grey sofa. Smart and sophisticated, a sofa with clean lines like our Model 01 grey sofas, will ensure both style and comfort. As a sofa is a piece of furniture you expect to last for years to come, you can also be confident that a grey sofa will never date. Plus, you can use various other shades of grey to complement and contrast the sofa.

8. Paint the Walls Dark Grey for a Dramatic Effect

If you’re a daring kind of person who’s not afraid to make a statement, painting the walls a dark grey colour scheme can add a dramatic flair. Ideal for those who are fans of rock and roll, edgy and gothic style decors, dark and brooding shades will look striking in the living room. Just make sure you give your space lots of light from various lamps, otherwise, it won’t be usable at night.

9. Integrate Grey Shelving

Including shelving on the walls is a great way to add interest and extra storage to your room. For a more luxe, expensive feel, paint the shelves in the same grey tone as the walls to make them seem integrated. This will give that particular wall a smart and sophisticated feel. You can also place black, white and grey pieces of decor on the shelves to tie the whole colour scheme together.

10. Mix Soft Grey with Pastels

If you have soft grey walls or furniture, using a mix of pastel colours such as pink, lilac and baby blue can make the room look extremely pretty and give it a calming feel to relax in after a long day. You can always add a couple of darker accents too with cushions or a dark wood table to prevent the room from looking too sweet.

11. Pick a Grey Rug to Match the Walls

Starting a new colour scheme can be daunting which is why we always recommend incorporating smaller items, to begin with. If you already have grey walls, choose a matching grey rug to take the colour from the floor to the ceiling. Whether you choose a large, patterned, statement grey rug as a focal point, or have several layered grey rugs for a laid-back look, you can then build around the rug until you have your dream grey room.

12. Use Grey Marble for Luxury Effect



Marble is a favourite material for many homeowners as it easily adds an elegant element like no other. It’s always extremely Instagram and Pinterest worthy. Having a few grey marble decor and accessories such as a coffee table or wall unit will give your room an instant lift. The smoothness of marble also works beautifully with many shades of grey so it’s impossible to get it wrong.

13. Choose Multi-Functional Grey Furniture

When it comes to choosing furniture for your living room, choose multi-functional grey pieces that are versatile enough to use throughout the house in other rooms too. Swyft's storage benches, grey sofa beds and grey ottomans are all excellent pieces of furniture that can be transferred anywhere if needed while still looking stylish no matter where you put it.

14. Accentuate Alcoves with Dark Grey

If your living room features alcoves, you can highlight them by painting them a dark grey which will create a sense of depth. This then becomes a great space to hang artwork or integrating shelves for an alcove bookshelf or an ornament display. To make it cosy, add lighting either in or near the alcoves to give it a warmer tone at night.

15. Create a Grey Panelled Wall

paneled wall

Creating a panelled wall is very on-trend right now as a way of adding texture to the walls. It’s a great design trick to use on boxy rooms or new builds that don’t typically have any kind of architectural interest. Choosing to paint the panelled wall grey will also add a dramatic touch to the living room. You can make the room feel cosier too by painting the wall above the panelling a darker grey.

16. Take Grey from the Floor to the Ceiling

Creating a cocoon of grey in your living will instantly make your room feel cosier. By using grey tones on the walls and the ceiling, a large grey corner sofa and light grey carpet or even a statement rug with grey accents, you’ll be a seamless grey haven. Make sure to break up the grey with a few accents or contrasting colours and different textures too, so it doesn't end up looking bland.

17. Add a Grey Armchair

Including a grey fabric armchair alongside your grey sofa will help tie the room together in a cohesive way. It also gives you the opportunity to create a cosy environment that’s perfect for socialising, reading or spending time with family. We’d suggest choosing a matching grey armchair but if you want to make it stand out, choose a different fabric such as a velvet armchair to make it more eye-catching.

18. Use Grey for Warmth

When people think of the colour grey, they normally think of cool tones. But, grey can actually be used to warm up a room too, depending on the shade you choose. Warm greys typically have yellow or brown undertones, and can sometimes be called ‘greige’, which is a combination of grey and beige. So, using a few decorative accents that complement the warmth, such as brown and orange, along with natural greenery, will create a lovely, welcoming feel.

19. Ensure your Grey Sofas are Comfortable

For the ultimate cosy space, your sofas and other seating arrangements need to be comfortable. Whether you’re spending Sundays lounging on the sofa or wanting to entertain guests, there’s nothing worse than a lumpy, uncomfortable sofa. Linen or velvet sofas are amongst the most comfortable as they as soft and sumptuous. All of our Swyft sofas feature dual-layered foam and polyester fibre to provide a fuller look and strike the perfect balance between firmness and cushiness. Find out how to choose the most comfortable sofa style.

20. Remember Grey is Perfect for Small Spaces

If you have a slightly smaller living room to work with, then light grey is the perfect colour choice as it can make a space feel light, open and airy while creating the illusion of more space than you actually have. A light grey sofa and armchair can work wonderfully well in a small living room - especially if the walls are light too - and provide a fresh, open and welcoming look.

What Colours Go Well with Grey?

As we’ve already mentioned, grey is an extremely versatile colour with many other colours able to complement it well. However, there are a few colours that seem to work best and make every interior designer swoon.

1. Grey and Pink for a Feminine Style

Grey and pink is a winning combination - especially if you’re going for a contemporary style living room with a feminine touch. Choosing a grey sofa like our Model 03, soft grey walls and a grey rug with pink accents such as cushions, curtains and even fresh flowers will create a lovely calming environment.

2. Grey and Blue for a Coastal Style

Pairing greys with cool blue tones are perfect for those wanting a coastal themed living room. Using various shades of blues and greys through different textures such as fluffy throws and cushions will also create a cosy ambience.

3. Grey and Brown for Added Warmth

For a warmer toned living room, grey and brown, while seemingly an unusual combination, works really well together. Natural colours and textures such as wooden floors or tables and brown leather sofas or armchairs against grey can help bring out the best in both colours and will make any room feel more welcoming.

4. Grey and Yellow for a Lively and Refreshing Style

If you’re someone who likes bolder colours and wants to create a living room that feels lively and optimistic, then pairing grey with yellow will easily give it a refreshing look. Whether you choose to have a yellow accent wall or yellow furnishings against grey, it’ll inject a sense of fun and make people instantly feel happy when they step into the room.

5. Grey and White for Striking Monochrome

For lovers of a modern design, you can’t go wrong with a classic grey and white monochrome living room. Deep charcoal walls with white accents, or vice versa, will not only look ultra-stylish but the lighter shades of grey will give the room a light, fresh feel.

For more ideas and inspiration for grey interiors, read our article on how to style a grey sofa and what colours would work best.

Struggling to decide on the best sofa colour for your living room style? Check out our sofa colours guide to find out how to choose your and the top combinations.

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