Whether you’ve already put the tree up, or are waiting till the very last minute to get into the festive spirit, Christmas is coming. And even the scroogiest of Scroogies need somewhere comfortable to sit while opening their mountains of gifts.

But most of you will already know that getting sofa delivery before Christmas is no easy feat. Especially with just a few weeks to go.

And that’s where Swyft is different. Our last order date is actually the 22nd December, so you can take your time deciding on your dream sofa - with plenty of time to spare.

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If you feel like your living room is missing a little cosiness for this time of year, choosing an all-white colour scheme is probably the last thing on your mind. However, white is actually one of the best paint colours for making a room look bigger, so it might be time to reconsider.

Those with families are quick to dismiss any room being too white, as it takes far too much time and effort to keep looking clean.

But, we’ve rounded up all the best white living room ideas for young professionals, families, bachelors and small home dwellers. Whatever space or style you have, there’s something for everyone.

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As we do with all new products, we sat down with the designer to run through the product in more detail. Only this time, we got hold of our co-founder, Kieran Hewkin, to get his thoughts on what we were trying to achieve with the Model 03 armchair, how it differs from our other armchair collections, and what challenges we had to face when it came to launch.
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Every year Pantone and Dulux release their ‘Colour of the Year’; the outcome of separate conversations with design experts to understand the mood of the public and how colour in the home is influenced by this.

Pantone releases its Colour of the Year at the beginning of December, so we’re a little premature. However, once announced, we’ll update this blog with our thoughts and ideas. In the meantime, Pantone released its colours of spring/ summer 2022 for London Fashion Week.

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As COP26 comes to a close this week, we thought there was no better time to sit down with Ecologi to understand what they are trying to achieve, learn a little more about the climate crisis, and to discuss  carbon offsetting and what the reality of this looks like. 

Ecologi’s Climate Impact Manager, Sam Jackson, has been attending COP26, so we couldn’t be in safer hands. 

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The main reason for SAD is not exactly known, but it’s thought to be mainly related to reduced sunlight exposure, which might cause a part in the brain called hypothalamus to stop working. As a result, it confuses the internal body clock, the production of serotonin and the production of melatonin. All of which can easily disrupt sleep, appetite, mood, and create feelings of depression.

Depending on its severity, SAD can be managed by making small changes to your lifestyle and home environment. So, we’ve come up with seven things you can do in and around the home to help combat SAD.

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Cushions, we all have them and (mostly) love them. They have the power to make or break a room, but can often be overlooked. No matter how you feel about cushions, they’re an important accessory to get right. There are a multitude of considerations to make when it comes to cushions and cushion arrangements, so in this blog we delve into all the ways you can make the most out of your cushions.  
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For many years, almost all interior design talk was about minimalism. Designers waxed lyrical about the many benefits and style advantages of the movement, encouraging millions of us to opt for white walls, white sofas and clutter-free homes in the process.

However, things are about to change. Although there will always be a place for minimalism in interior design, more and more people are forgoing neutral tones and clear, white walls and choosing maximalism instead.

Bursting with colours, patterns and textures, maximalist décor has taken the world of design by storm. If you’re thinking of lavishing bright, bold tones and tactile textiles on your interior, take a look at some of our favourite maximalist ideas for inspiration.

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