Armchairs can come in all different shapes and sizes, from wingback chairs to lounge chairs with an ottoman but, they’re all defined by the armrests that provide additional support and comfort. You’ll often find armchairs in living rooms, reception areas, hallways or even a large bedroom. Most of the time, armchairs are paired with a matching sofa or placed next to a side table to help make use of the available space and tie the room together.
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Armchairs make a wonderful addition to the home. Not only does it provide extra seating options for guests, but it can help tie a whole room together. Whether you want to create a cosy corner in a hallway, a reading nook under the stairs or finish off the living room, an armchair is always a good choice.

When it comes to shopping for an armchair, there are many different styles and types you can choose. From bold patterns and colours for a statement piece to matching chairs that will blend in with the rest of your decor, the options are endless.

If you’re struggling to decide on a particular armchair style, we’ve put together this guide of 14 different armchair types that are incredibly popular and will suit a range of different home decor styles to help inspire you.

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Not only does an armchair provide extra seating for guests, but it’s also a way of tying a room together and making a stylish statement. And, with just a little bit of imagination, you can create several cosy corners on the landing, under the stairs or in a window alcove to enjoy a good book or just have some much needed ‘me-time’.

Armchairs make a wonderful addition to the home so if you’re thinking about buying one, keep reading this guide which features some helpful armchair buying and styling tips.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa, you’ve likely come across the term ‘modular sofa’ or ‘sectional sofa’ once or twice.

But if you’re not entirely sure what one is, or how a modular sofa differs from a standard sofa, fear not, as we’ve created the ultimate guide. Read on to find out exactly what a modular sofa is, and why you should consider one for your home.

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