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The ultimate guide to our sofa delivery before Christmas

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Samuel Hurley
The ultimate guide to our sofa delivery before Christmas

Whether you’ve already put the tree up, or are waiting till the very last minute to get into the festive spirit, Christmas is coming. And even the scroogiest of Scroogies need somewhere comfortable to sit while opening their mountains of gifts.

But most of you will already know that getting sofa delivery before Christmas is no easy feat. Especially with just a few weeks to go.

And that’s where Swyft is different. Our last order date is actually the 22nd December, so you can take your time deciding on your dream sofa - with plenty of time to spare.

Why does it take so long to get a couch delivered?

If you’ve bought a brand new sofa before, you’ll know all too well about just how long a couch takes to be delivered.

More often than not, waiting times can be up to 12 weeks - leaving you struggling with a few odd bean bags or camping chairs.

12 weeks is simply too long. Especially if you’re looking to get sofa delivery before Christmas. For the season of spontaneous parties and unexpected guests, you need to not only have somewhere to sit the whole family, but perhaps somewhere for people to stay too (our Model 04 sofa bed is a stylish solution).

Even if you visit a showroom and they have your chosen sofa actually in stock, it can still take several weeks to have it delivered.

But why does it take so long?

Made-to-order sofas are often built overseas and shipped from their warehouse. Other brands may have to get the sofas shipped to their UK facility and then delivered to the customer. A company will more than likely have numerous warehouse locations, too, meaning you won’t necessarily know where your sofa is being delivered from.

Near Christmas, sofa brands are always stuck working through a huge backlog of orders: Everyone wants delivery before Christmas, so the later you leave it, the less likely you’ll be successful.

If you’ve found your dream sofa at a local showroom, we recommend getting the expected delivery times in writing before you commit to purchase.

Alternatively, you could choose to shop our collection for guaranteed delivery before Christmas. Right up until the 22nd December. Our festive green Model 01 Vine sofa is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Pair with red cushions if you really want to get the Christmas aesthetic.

How quickly can you get a sofa delivered?

In our previous guide, How Long Does a Sofa Delivery Take?, we reported that Swyft sofas can actually be delivered within 24 hours.

If you’re looking for speedy delivery of any of our sofas, aim to place your order before 3pm on any weekday. We can deliver nationwide the next day. If you don’t manage to get your order in before 3pm, don’t worry! Afternoon, weekend or bank holiday orders will be delivered the next working day.

Sofa delivery before Christmas

During the Christmas rush, these delivery times are unlikely to change, too. Which means you’ll be able to sip on festive cocktails with friends and family and wait for the big guy in red to bring your gifts.

For Christmas cocktail inspiration, check out our top recipes here.

Why are Swyft sofas delivered so quickly? 

If you’re a little concerned about how we can deliver our sofas much quicker than your high street showrooms, our secret is all in how we design our sofas.

Traditional sofas are a two person job, and take up huge amounts of room in a delivery truck. All of this means delivery slots need to be strategically timed and planned well in advance.

Our sofas are designed in a modular form. This means each piece slots together perfectly to create a dreamy sofa within minutes. It also means that our sofas can be packed into a series of boxes, all of which can be carried, moved and lifted by one person.

Therefore, our sofas can be shipped by courier, instead of a dedicated sofa delivery company. More sofa parts can be stored in a single truck, and this helps us to keep our carbon footprint low. So if you’ve always loved the look of the chunky Model 03 sofa, you can order it with a clean, eco-conscience.

Your order will arrive in a series of boxes, but you’ll soon have your sofa in the house and fully built - without the need for additional tools.

So if you’re living in a flat or a townhouse where the lounge isn’t on the first floor, there’s no need to panic. You’ll easily be able to maneuver each box up the stairs, through doorways and narrow corridors and into the space.

Each box is numbered for convenience, so you’ll know exactly where to slot each piece. Then, get snuggled up with the family for the ultimate festive debate: Is Die Hard really a Christmas film?

Removing your old sofa

With traditional sofa delivery times easily stretching into a couple of months, ordering a Swyft sofa may leave you needing to dispose of your old sofa much quicker than you first planned.

To make sure you’ve got plenty of space for your new purchase, we’ve teamed up with Clearabee as an official recycling partner. When you order your new sofa, you can arrange a collection of the old piece with Clearabee. It’s as easy as that.

Where are Swyft sofas made?

Swyft sofas are made in a sustainable facility in Portugal. You can read all about our sustainable materials on our Eco-Credentials page.

Order now for sofa delivery before Christmas

If you feel like you’ve already left sofa shopping too late, shop our sofas now, for delivery within just 24 hours.

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