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Watch Swyft's first TV advert

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Ed Hawes
Watch Swyft's first TV advert

Swyft launch TV advert 'Beautiful Living'

We are super exited to launch our first TV advert – watch it below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Most of you would have seen or heard of that infamous scene from Friends, the one where Ross can’t get a sofa up the stairs.

It’s a scene which is so relatable because it’s played out in many homes. But, why?

The sofa industry has been operating the same way for years, yet traditional sofas come with many issues: sofas not fitting through doors, long wait times, mix up with fabrics in the factory or manufacturing delays.

We’ve seen it all.

So, we thought there’s got to be a better way to do it. How can we:

  • remove long wait times for delivery?
  • make furniture fit through any hallway or up any flight of stairs?
  • create sofas that require no tools for assembly?
  • and how can we do this, but design sofas that look great, are comfortable and will last the test of time?

We set out to build the ultimate sofa experience where comfort, quality, convenience and sustainability lies at its heart.

The result is Swyft, a collection of sofas styles that come in easy-to-handle boxes, can be delivered in 24 hours, are guaranteed to fit through the tightest of entranceways and up any flight of stairs, and can be assembled with no tools.

“PIVOT!” is a scene that should forever stay in the 90s and Noughties.

Swyft has been tried and tested by hundreds of customers - have a peak at our reviews here.

Keep scrolling to read more about our collections.

Model 01.

Model 01 is sleek, simple and clean. It's a classic mid century sofa which comes out of the box with no fuss. It offers a convenient living space solution: a modern, comfy, quality-built sofa you can assemble in minutes.

Ideal for renters, flat-owners, first time buyers and those with limited space

Browse the Model 01 collection here.

Model 02.

Model 02 has a big focus on appearance and comfiness. Sat on a solid wood plinth, it demands attention. Its pulled seam and piped detailing is bold yet beautiful. Mid century is back and Model 02 is leading its renaissance.

Designed to meet your needs, Model 02 is everything you expect from Swyft: 48 hour delivery, 5 minute assembly and built with no tools, but comes with added comfort and detailing. Its versatile design, round bolster cushions and pulled seam detail adds a hint of character to your home.

Browse the Model 02 collection here.

Model 03.

Your living room is your playground, so you make the rules. The Model 03 is a modular collection for those who like to be in control; From two seats to ten, left or right corner, with or without an ottoman, it’s your sofa so you choose how you want it. Just sit back and relax, it's time you built a sofa to fit your home and lifestyle.

Browse the Model 03 collection here.

Model 04.

The Model 04 is a sofa and sofa bed to be proud of: it’s beautifully designed, can be used as your main sofa, and is as comfortable as any standard double bed. It’s the perfect companion for those with limited space who enjoy the occasional sleepover. Or, for those who like to relax in style and dream in comfort.

Browse the Model 04 collection here.

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