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Model 00: 5 ways to make the most out of your stool

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Antonio Wedral
Model 00: 5 ways to make the most out of your stool

Feet up, knees up, bottoms up.

With the release of our Model 00 stool, we thought why not shout about all the wonderful ways stools can be used around the home. You’d be mistaken if you thought a stool had only one use; to give your feet a much needed rest. But with a dash of creativity and touch of styling, stools can have a multitude of uses.

So, without further ado, here’s five ways you can make the most out of your stool:

1. Extra seating

Who doesn’t love an extra bit of seating. The Model 00 comes in a small single box which can easily be stored away and brought out when needed. As we’re spending more time at home and with Christmas knocking on our doorsteps, it’s always handy to be able to accommodate an extra guest or two. No one deserves to sit on the floor.

Also, the stool doesn’t need to live in the lounge with its upholstery cousins - ever thought about a seating area next to the shoe rack or in your bedroom by your wardrobe? Mind-blown.

2. Side Table

Why not place a wooden tray on top of the stool and use it as a side table. It could be the perfect resting spot for a G&T, house plant or even a sofa snack. Also, the fabric we use on our Model 00 stools are stain resistant, so absolutely no need to worry about spillages - just wipe down the surface with a wet cloth.

3. Footrest

The all important footrest. If you’re limited on space, with room on the sofa a non-existent luxury, do not fear, a stool could be a cheap alternative to an ottoman or footstool.

Imagine, it’s a cold Friday evening, you have the fire on, a blockbuster is showing on the TV. Sublime. Apart from one small, tiny, problem - the sofa is taken up by your significant other. Relaxation station ruined. Am I right?

Think again, a stool could easily save the evening. Go on, put your feet up.

4. Colour

A stool or any small upholstery item can help brighten, bring it to life and bring together a room. If your sofa is a neutral colour, choose a stool that uses directional or accent colours or vise versa. The colour of a stool can be used to mirror or contrast the other colours used in the room. It can also help with balance and layering and can easily be changed or moved around depending on how you feel.

The possibilities are endless.

5. Outside

Although we’re in the depths of Winter, we can guarantee light and Summer will return. So with this in mind, you can use the stool for outdoor seating - light and easy to move around, a stool is the perfect companion for warmer climes when BBQs are conditional come rain or shine. Or for when you want to bathe in the sun reading a book and you need a little footrest.

(Technically, the Model 00 is not made for the outdoors, so only act upon this advice when the sun has his hat on)


If you fancy yourself a footrest, side table or an extra seat, check out the Model 00 collection - perfect for any occasion and the ideal gift for Christmas. You can thank us later

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