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Model 03: How to style your living room

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Ed Hawes
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We’ve had a huge response to the styling of our photoshoots, in particular, the Model 03 shoot. So, we spoke with Kelly Collins, Swyft’s very own Queen of Styling, to understand the key elements involved when styling a room.

When styling a room, either for a photoshoot or in our own homes, we use three techniques to make the room feel alive. We’ve broken it down into these key areas; Balance, ambiance and layering.


modular sofas

Start by balancing the room. What we mean by this is items can look compressed or flat if there is no distinction between size, shape and height. Accessories help balance the room, especially when a big ticketed item, like a sofa, is involved. For example, a room dressed with a sofa, side table and a small candle on the table isn’t balanced enough because they all sit on the same level. The accessories will get lost in the sofa and room, which isn’t aesthetically appealing.

To balance the room, start by adding the most important accessories, the big ones. A side table or coffee table. This is your base. A floor lamp, large plant and key piece of artwork should work and is a good route to take next. Adding interest points helps direct the eye and, as a result, balances the room.


model 03 velvet

What mood or atmosphere do you want to create? The best and easiest way to create mood is through the use of lighting. Lighting can be a minefield (we could write an entire blog on it... watch this space!), if a room is too light then no one will want to sit in there for too long, so it has to be done right for it to work. Using a mix of floor and side lamps is a good place to start. Low level lighting is always more relaxing than ceiling. Angle lights towards objects or add light to the lower levels to help create more interest (if that's what you are going for).


wall art

Layering is the last stage of a room style. We use smaller accessories to add layers; use softer touches on the sofas: throws and cushions, small plants and a selection of coffee table books. It’s that simple.

We’d also try to style the room so it looks lived in. There is no point in perfectly matching your accessories and items, no one can relate to it. Remember: You need to live in your space. Mix match accessories, have fun with it and use layering as a way to add personality.

With balance, ambiance and layering in mind, there are five main accessories which help style your sofa and bring a room to life;

  1. Plants: Creates colour, texture and height to a room to help with balance
  2. Cushions: Helps with layering and adding personality and colour to your sofa
  3. Throws: Adds layers and a soft touch to your sofa
  4. Artwork: Encourages personality and interest to the room
  5. Lighting: Creates mood and ambiance, possibly the most important accessory for your room

Remember: Balance, ambiance and layering. Use these three techniques and you’ll be on the right track.

If you’d like any more advice on styling your interior then send our Head of Creative, Kelly Collins, an email and she’ll be happy to help.

If you need any more information on Model 03, have a glance at our interview with the guy who designed it here. Or browse the collection here.

Model 03 Modular Sofas

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