How to clean a sofa

How to clean a sofa

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Imagine the scene: wine and cheese. Red wine. Friends beaming at you because you’re the best hostess in the world. Banter is flying, spirits are high…and so is that wine glass! Cringe as that last glug of wine sloshes in the glass, arcs up and over the brim and splashes on your new white linen sofa.

Or maybe your version is husband / toddler with sticky, chocolatey fingers, ‘accidentally’ smearing the green velvet sofa cushion. Red wine stain. Chocolate stain. Cringe and despair, either way, right?

Not so if you’ve got a Swyft sofa. That’s because our fabrics are proven both stain-resistant and long-lasting. We wanted to ensure that our range of furniture could be kid-friendly and pet-friendly. After a careful study of the best fabrics on the market, we chose FibreGuard fabrics because they are engineered from the inside out to perform.

Our friends at FibreGuard spent years researching and testing this fabric to ensure that it’s what we call ‘life-friendly’: fabrics that stand up to anything daily life can throw at them. Their textile engineers and interior designers have taken the rigours of home life as well as the workweek into account, and promise that FibreGuard fabrics are ready for anything your pets, children and coworkers can think up.

We also love that the fabric we use on our sofas and armchairs is seriously easy to clean. Our mission has been to make your life as easy as possible, which includes limiting the amount of time you need to spend with cleaning products when it comes to the look and longevity of your couch.

We asked the UK's leading Cleanfluencer, Little Miss Mops (@littlemissmops), to test out the sofa for herself and to her worst. Here's what she had to say:

My Swyft sofa was delivered a couple of months ago, instantly I was impressed solely by the packaging. It came in three large boxes which would normally be a struggle to move. Not Swyft. The easy grip handles on the outer packaging meant it was very easy to transfer to my lounge - truly a company that has thought of the customers every convenience. Unpacking was simple, the boxes are numbered and come with the clear instructions. I assembled a perfect family size 3 seater sofa in only 20 minutes. 

A couple of months later and in a busy household with 3 children and animals, I’ve put Swyft through their paces and they’ve not disappointed. Not only does the material provide a wipe clean surface, I have also spot cleaned using vanish with no issues whatever (some sofas mark after product cleaning). I was delighted to discover that all the cushions are machine washable and believe me this is a HUGE benefit in any household. I have washed the covers several times on a 30° wash and even tumbled them and they still look good as new! 

Swyft sofas are durable, practical, convenient and simply a pleasure to look at in any room. 

Here are four steps to cleaning sofas, and two of those are ‘water’:



For stains like mud, ketchup, lipstick or silly putty, you’ll need to get a teaspoon. First, remove any stain residue with the edge of the teaspoon or a flat utensil.

For other stains like pen or coffee, you won’t need to do this. Just dampen the fabric and blot.



Apply water to the stain and blot using a white paper towel.

Do not do the circular motion rub trick because it’ll just rip your paper towel & drive the fibres from it into your fabric.

Repeat the process until you can’t see the stain on the paper towel anymore.



Apply more water to the area and rub with gentle movements with a microfibre cloth.

Use soap for stubborn stains. Any white bar of soap will do, whatever you have in the house. Now you can do the circular motion rub trick with a cloth or towel.

Repeat the process until the stain is completely removed.



This is really important. Don’t use a hairdryer or apply heat to the stain in any way.

Just air dry.


We’re so sure that you’ll love our sofas that we’ve given you 100 days to try it out with free and easy returns if you don’t. We also believe so strongly in the quality and durability of our furniture that we offer a 15 year guarantee on the frame and 2 years on the life of your fabric.

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