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How to Self-Assemble a Flat Pack Sofa in 7 Easy Steps

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Lottie Leggett
flat pack sofas

Need to spruce up your living room? Our sofas and armchairs are just the trick! With seven stunning colour options available, from bold green velvet to classic grey linen, you can create a matching set or simply include an accent piece to your existing home decor. The challenge of finding the perfect sofa or accent chair is often the biggest hurdle in making your interior design dreams come true.

At Swyft, we wanted to make that decision as easy as possible. So, we created what we believe is the future of furniture design. Our sofas are super comfortable, have a beautiful modern design, are stain-resistant and easy to clean, delivered quickly and can fit into any space as they are flat packed into 2-3, easy to lift boxes.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about flat pack sofas and how to assemble them yourself at home.

What are Flat Pack Sofas?

When it comes to buying a sofa, many people worry about whether it’ll fit through the door, how they’ll get it up the stairs (none of us wants to experience a Ross from Friends ‘pivot’ moment), the outrageously long wait times and how difficult it’ll be to assembly. Enter flat pack sofas! Essentially a sofa in a box, flat pack sofas are innovative, space-saving and guaranteed to fit in any room. 

Here at Swyft we specialise in flat-pack sofas and have made it our mission to make buying sofas a fun, easy and hassle-free experience. Delivered to your door in 24 hours, you can choose a sofa today and lounge on it tomorrow! Our sofas arrive in a series of light boxes that are easy to lift and will fit through even the tightest of entranceways. The 3 and 2 seater sofas are shipped in 3 boxes while the flat-pack armchairs are shipped in 2 boxes.

What are Self-Assembly Sofas?

Self-assembly sofas are sofas that you can put together yourself easily at home, meaning you won’t need to worry about fitting your sofa through a door, up some stairs or around corners. The flat pack sofas will come in a series of boxes which you can easily carry through to the room you want the sofa to be in, then all you need to do is follow the instructions and build your own sofa.

All Swyft sofas are self-assembly and feature a Swyft-Lok fastening technology for a quick and easy installation. Our Model 03 Modular sofas, however, don’t lock together and are instead kept separate so you have extra flexibility of movement.

How to Assemble a Flat Pack Sofa

It’s incredibly easy to put our sofas and armchairs together. You can do it completely by yourself in minutes! No tools are required...not even a hammer so it’s ideal for those moving out for the first time.

  1. First, open each box in order (all of the boxes are labelled clearly to make it as simple as possible). Each set of components has been carefully packed with sustainable and protective materials. We believe in being eco-friendly so all the packaging is biodegradable.
  2. Screw the four legs into the base of the sofa.
  3. Turn over the base to reveal the Swyft-Lok clips and slide in the back until you hear the satisfying ‘click’ sound.
  4. Slide the arms into place and again push until you hear them click.
  5. Place the seat cushions on top of the base.
  6. Add the back cushions.
  7. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Swyft sofa or armchair!

How to Assemble Modular Sofas

For our Modular sofas, as there is no locking in place required all you have to do is place the modules where you want them to create your sofa. We’ve designed a unique foot for these sofas to ensure that our modules don’t move about. The rubber on the foot creates a form of suction when pressure is applied so if you have wooden or laminate flooring you won’t need to worry about your sofa sliding around or separating.

Our Modular sofas are ideal for those with a small space and need extra flexibility to play around with. It’s also great as you can purchase as many modules as you need to create corner sofas or chaise sofas with ottomans to provide a comfortable footrest or more seating options if needed.

Flat Packed Corner Sofas

If you really want to maximise your space or if you have a living room with a unique shape, a flat-packed corner sofa is a great solution. Corner sofas are known for utilising space while also creating a cosy atmosphere. Providing plenty of seating for families, guests and even pets, they’re extremely practical and reliable.

With our modular flat packed corner sofas, you’re in complete control. Fully customisable and flexible, our corner sofas allow you to decide exactly how big or small you want them and whether their left or right hand facing. It’s also very easy to move around, so you'll be able to transform your space in minutes.

Flat Packed Sofa Beds

Stylish and comfortable, our flat-packed sofa beds are the way forward. These sofa beds are perfect for those who enjoy having a sleepover with friends every now. Or, if you live in a particularly small space, such as a studio flat, then they’re ideal as both a sleeping and sitting solution. Like all of our sofas, our flat-packed sofa beds will arrive in several boxes, making it as easy as possible to fit through the door or up any stairs and can be assembled in minutes too.

While it’s usually recommended to use a traditional bed for the best night’s sleep, we know that isn’t always possible. This is why, when designing our flat-packed sofa beds, comfort was key. With a double-layered foam mattress that’s 7 inches thick and over 300 pocket springs, you can be confident that our sofa beds are suitable to sleep on every night. And, we also use fabrics with Fiberguard technology to make them stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Once your brand new sofa has been delivered, learn more about how to arrange your sofa in your living room.

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