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Are Sofa Beds for Everyday Use?

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Antonio Wedral
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While ideally, it’s always best to use a traditional bed if you want the best night’s sleep possible, sometimes we know it’s not always that easy. 

With rooms getting smaller these days, more people are looking into space-saving alternatives. From furniture that also provides extra storage and flatpack, customisable modular sofas to compact tables and sofa beds, this space-savvy generation has it all figured out!.

If you’re considering getting a sofa bed to use as a permanent sleeping solution, we’ve put together this guide full of tips and advice to help you make the right decision.

Are Sofa Beds Worth Buying?

In short, yes. Sofa beds are 100% worth buying. Even if you’re not planning on using it every day for yourself, an extra bed and seating area will always be useful to have in the house. Especially if you entertain or have friends and family staying over often. Sadly, over the years, sofa beds have gained a reputation for being uncomfortable eyesores. But, with technology in both mattresses and bed frames improving, sofa beds have massively improved too. Now, they’re a staple piece of furniture and very much sought-after. Compact, stylish, good-quality and comfortable, the right sofa bed can look great in your home and offer an ideal sleeping arrangement.

Why Use a Sofa Bed Every Day?

ways to use a sofa bed

There are plenty of reasons why someone would use a sofa bed every day, which include:

Lack of Space

Sofa beds are the perfect solution if you’re low on space as they’re compact and can be transformed into a bed or a sofa whenever you need them. They can also be tucked away when not in use and moved around freely if you’re planning on decorating or want to freshen up the space. Take a look at our sofa dimensions and measuring guide to learn more.

Seasonal Events

During Christmas, Easter, New Year and other seasonal events or holidays, it’s likely that more people will be visiting your home and even staying over for a night or two. This is where sofa beds can come in really handy. Not only will it provide extra seating for guests but gives them a comfy place to sleep too. Plus, we all know that families can be messy, with kids running around and pets jumping on furniture, which is why our sofas, armchairs and sofa beds are have a stain-resistant, easy to clean fabric option. Note: not all fabrics, but a small selection.

Ideal for When you or Your Partner is Unwell

If you or your partner are unwell, whether it’s a cold or flu or even Covid, and don’t want to risk getting the other person sick, then a sofa bed can be a lifesaver. Sleeping separately on a sofa bed until you feel better can help prevent the germs from spreading and gives you more freedom to toss and turn and try to get comfortable while ill without disturbing your partner. So it’s a win-win situation!

Can Help with Sleep Issues

We’ve all suffered through sleepless nights, whether it’s your partner's snoring keeping you awake or you’re worried about an upcoming event or work problem, when our sleep is affected it can cause a big impact on the rest of our day. If you can’t sleep in your regular bed, we’d suggest moving into the living room, putting the TV and laying on a sofa bed. This could help you drift off to sleep and not wake up with stiff joints because of an awkward sleeping position. 

Although you might just need a new bed or a bigger one. Swyft beds come in double, king size and super king size. 

Ideal for Kids Bedrooms

Modern sofa beds are ideal for kids' bedrooms as they can quickly and easily be turned into a chair to create more playing space during the day and then pulled out into a comfortable bed whenever needed. Sofa beds also won’t get outgrown as quickly as a single bed. And, when the time comes that your child does outgrow it, it can be reused and moved to another room for guests to use, meaning it’ll last you for years to come.

Are Sofa Beds Comfortable?

Sofa beds are comfortable to sleep on, but nothing will be able to compare to a traditional bed and mattress. Typically, sofa beds tend to be firmer as they are usually made from foam, which is one of the firmest materials for sofas. Plus, the mattresses can also be quite shallow. 

To ensure your sofa bed is as comfortable as possible, avoid harsh fabrics or leather and instead, opt for cotton, felt or velvet which will make a big difference in comfortability. While you can choose feather or fibre sofa bed fillings to improve comfort, foam is the more common filling as it’s extremely durable, has no allergy concerns and is very low maintenance.

If you have any kind of back pain or problems, then a foam sofa bed probably wouldn’t be the right choice for you as the firmness could potentially cause more stiffness. Instead, choose a pull-out sofa bed that includes a separate mattress that lays on top of a sprung frame for more support.

Can a Couple Share a Sofa Bed?

On average, a sofa bed, when folded out, is the same size as a queen-sized bed, or, a 2 or 3-seater sofa. This means that sharing the sofa bed as a couple should be both comfortable and spacious and can be used as an everyday piece of furniture. Swyft's largest sofa bed is a king size bed - extra comfort for couples.

If you’re wanting the bed for guests and are short on space, different sizes are available to suit your needs. From a double to twin-sized, whether you’re inviting a couple or a single sleeper to stay you’ll easily be able to find the perfect sofa bed for a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Before buying your sofa bed, remember to measure the space and find out the dimensions of the bed to ensure it will fit perfectly in the intended spot.

Are Sofa Beds Good for Long Term Use?

Sofa beds can be good for long term use, but it’s not advised. A dedicated mattress and bed frame will always be better than a sofa bed as they are specifically built and designed for sleep. However, if you live in a particularly small space or your current bed breaks or if a friend/family member falls on hard times, a sofa bed is the best alternative and can be used comfortably for weeks or months. 

At Sywft, when it came to designing our own Swyft Model 04 sofa bed, of course, comfort was key. So, we built a sofa bed, which is not only practical but comfortable. With a foam mattress that’s 7 inches thick and has over 300 pocket springs, an integrated mattress topper, and a frame not built from metal. Say goodbye to the days of chronic back pain from sofa beds and hello to the next generation of couch surfing.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

If you already have a sofa bed and are looking to make it more comfortable for either you or your guests follow these quick tips below:

  • Use a mattress topper - this can make a big difference to almost any surface, providing a soft, comfortable bed while offering a level of protection for the fabric too.
  • High thread count sheets - while these are a luxury and more expensive than regular sheets, there’s no denying that they are heaven to sleep on.
  • Fluffy pillows - feather pillows that you can sink in to make drifting off to sleep far easier. If you suffer from allergies then a synthetic fill can be just as fluffy and cosy.
  • Fresh sheets - nothing feels better than sleeping in fresh sheets that have come straight out of the drier. By using clean sheets every time your sofa bed experience will only be improved.
Browse our range of everyday use sofa beds today.
Sofa Beds Model 04

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