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New fabric: Model 03, Velvet Light Grey

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Antonio Wedral
New fabric: Model 03, Velvet Light Grey

Introducing the latest addition to the Model 03 collection; Velvet, Light Grey.

Velvet, Light Grey is a simple yet beautiful staple colour. Its timeless appeal means it’s the perfect foundation to build your room from and can be placed with many existing furniture items. Although Velvet, Light Grey is subtle it's guaranteed to make a statement in any room due to its modern texture.

Velvet, Light Grey also promises to stand the test of time, defying interior design trends. However, its natural neutrality allows you to encompass current trends like Reflective Refuge and Honest Modernism into the room through balanced and layered styling with accessories, lighting and wall art.

As with our current Velvet options, Light Grey comes with a two year guarantee and is stain resistant (each thread coated in stain repellent), meaning spillages wipe clean. The Velvet complies with REACH UK standards and has a silicon finish which is a non-chemical soil and stain treatment.


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