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Model 02 Armchair: An Interview with the Designer

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Lottie Leggett
Model 02 Armchair

Hello, Model 02 armchair. As always, we had a chat with furniture designer, Beck Wyld, to get an idea of what we were trying to achieve with the Model 02 armchair, what inspired the design and how long it took to launch.

Over to you, Beck. 

Q: What are we trying to achieve with the Model 02 armchair?

We first created a prototype for the Model 02 armchair around the same time we designed the Model 02 sofa. It’s an idea we've been thinking about for a while, but we were waiting for the right time to launch it. After we noticed customer demand for a Model 02 armchair increase, we scheduled to start production after the launch of the Model 02 footstool and ottoman. 

The armchair offers a classic mid century design with pulled seam and piped detailing, which creates a beautiful standalone item. It’s also an ideal solution for those who already have a Model 01 sofa, but need a more detailed and engaging design to sit alongside their Model 01 sofa. I especially like this chair in combination with the Model 02 ottoman, or the footstool. We’ve matched the seam detail on the seat. When the armchair and ottoman come together, they make a very comfortable chaise lounge, perfect for watching a film or reading a book. The Model 02 armchair is a versatile item, ideal for new and existing customers.

Q: What inspired the Model 02 armchair & does this differ from our other armchair offerings?

We followed the dimensions of the Model 01 armchair, just as we’ve done with the sofas. Our Model 02 armchair differs from the Model 01 armchair in the same ways as the sofas; it’s a more elevated design, with a luxurious feather fill back cushion which you fall into. There's piped detail around the cushions and arms, a show wood plinth and pulled seam detailing to the seat cushion. It looks great on its own or with a Model 01 or 02 sofa. 

The armchair is 80cm wide, it’s quite compact but not too small either. It lends itself to being placed around the house, such as in a hallway or a bedroom. All homes have that odd space, waiting for an injection of style which the Model 02 armchair definitely brings.

Armchairs; I find are a great way to add bold colours to your home. They’re not overwhelmingly large, so the colour doesn’t take over the room as it might on a sofa. Our Model 02 armchair is available in our punchier velvets; brick, teal and vine. It’s also available in more subtle colours, such as light grey, pumice, shadow and elephant. Perfect if you’d prefer to go bold with a scatter cushion instead.

Q: How long has it taken to design the armchair, from concept through to launch?

As the line drawings and prototype for the armchair had already been made once before, the design process only took about two months while we checked a few things and set everything up in the background. We started this in the middle of November. 

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of launching an armchair in an already designed and established collection?

We had to make sure that the feather-fill was the right fill compared to the sofas so it was the same. We also had to ensure the stitching detail matches up with the ottoman. Otherwise, a lot of the design decisions were pretty simple.

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