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14 armchair styles, types and colours you need to know about

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Ed Hawes
14 armchair styles, types and colours you need to know about

Armchairs make a wonderful addition to the home. Not only does it provide extra seating options for guests, but it can help tie a whole room together. Whether you want to create a cosy corner in a hallway, a reading nook under the stairs or finish off the living room, an armchair is always a good choice.

When it comes to shopping for a modern armchair, there are many different styles and types you can choose. From bold patterns and colours for a statement piece to matching chairs that will blend in with the rest of your decor, the options are endless.

If you’re struggling to decide on a particular armchair style, we’ve put together this guide of 14 different armchair types that are incredibly popular and will suit a range of different home decor styles to help inspire you.

1. Club Armchair

Spacious and ultra-comfortable, the club chair is a classic armchair style that features deep seats and rounded curves to wrap you up in. First invented in France, this chair is traditionally sold in leather but fabric options are available too. With its sophisticated, elegant look, a club chair will easily suit many living room, bedroom or hallway styles and is perfect to sink into for hours on end.

2. Modern Chairs

Modern armchairs styles emcompass many different types at once. From Scandinavian, minimilistic , farmhouse, and bohemian styles, it typically features clean lines with smooth fabrics or faux fur, wood and maybe a playful pattern. Sleek and comfortable, modern armchairs, like our Model 02 range, are often simple to look at but offer ultra-comfort.

3. Wingback Chair

A wingback chair is the ultimate accent chair that will add drama and flair to your room. These chairs are recognised by their high side panels and high back which make them perfect for curling up while reading a good book. No matter what your style, you can guarantee there’ll be a wingback chair for you. From classic and contemporary styles to eclectic and bold, this type of chair knows how to make a statement.

4. Mid-Century Chairs 

While mid-century armchairs styles are still considered modern as they value on function over form, but, they feature their own unique twist of decorative accents to differentiate them from the more traditional modern style. Using pops of colour or bold patterns, mid-century chairs, much like our Model 01 armchair range, offer clean, smooth lines that will suit a variety of living room styles. Mid-century armchairs for small spaces are a great option too as they typically have narrow arms and are raised off the floor to create the illusion of space.

5. Chesterfield Chair

When you think of a Chesterfield style a full sofa typically comes to mind, but this style makes for a great armchair too. With rolled arms, button tufting upholstery and a nailhead trim, this type of chair is plush and comfortable. Designed in the 1700s after the Chesterfield sofa was a huge hit, it’s remained a popular style in many homes for decades.

6. Contemporary Chairs

Contemporary design is all about now and the future and often features state-of-the-art materials and pure, saturated colours. Just like mid-century and modern designs, contemporary chair styles are often very minimal and clean and, again, great for smaller spaces. You can read our armchair dimensions guide to learn how to measure your space properly and whether the style of chair you want would work in your space. These chairs can also look and feel artistic, with some chairs used purely as a sculptural/decorative piece.

7. Lounge Chair with Ottoman

The perfect chair to sit back, relax and kick your feet up after a long day, a lounge chair with an ottoman is designed for comfort. Featuring a reclined back and a complementary ottoman, this chair is great for cosy living rooms or even a home library. These chairs can also be a multi-functional piece of furniture as the ottoman can double up as extra seating if needed as well as storage or a coffee table too.

8. Rocking Chair

The rocking chair was invented in the early 1700s to originally be used in gardens. Nowadays, while seen as slightly old-fashioned, it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that can add charm and character to your home. Popular to place in living rooms, on a front porch or in nurseries, its curved band (rocker) design offers a calming, soothing place to sit.

9. Egg Chair

Egg chairs are extremely popular right now, partially the hanging variety to have either in a garden or a cosy corner. The egg chair is defined by its smooth, rounded back and is typically made from brown rattan and features a cushioned seat and headrest inside. They’re great chairs to relax in and some are even available in a double size for easy socialisation.

10. Recliner

A reclining armchair is a modern luxury and the epitome of comfort. They’re available in a wide range of colours and materials such as leather and fabric. There are also options for either manual or electronic styles too. Designed to tilt backwards with an extending footrest, these chairs are the perfect place to spend your evenings. And, some find that they’re a great option for those who struggle to get out of chairs due to age or certain disabilities, allowing people to be more independent in their homes.

11. Contemporary Round Chair

If traditional chair choices aren’t tickling your fancy, a contemporary round chair might be the perfect choice for you. Unique and stylish, these chairs will create a focal point and give guests something to talk about. They are often oversized so you’ll need a larger space to accommodate them. However, they’re perfect for couples to snuggle on or to just relax in. Available in leather and fabric these chairs can be as bold or as neutral as you like and some can even swivel too.

12. Bergère Chair

If you’re a fan of the traditional French style with luxurious fabrics and patterns, then an elegant Bergère chair will fit right into your home and bring a touch of royalty to your decor. These 18th-century chairs had a notable impact on designers and influenced many modern creations and reproductions. With deep, wide seats, exposed wood and a loose seat cushion, these chairs are intricate works of art that will stand the test of time.

13. English Roll Arm Chair

The English roll armchair is a classic design that you’ll see in many homes. With its low-set, rolled arms that gently curve and a subtle curve in the backrest too, this chair is known for its comfortable, relaxed style. It’s also often very thick padded and has a deep seat making it look and feel like a very inviting place to sit. Typically, you’ll see these chairs in country, floral fabrics, but, in recent years it’s been remade for more elegant contemporary settings and can now be available in linen, herringbone or leather.

14. Klismos Chair

The klismos style chair is one of the oldest designs in history, dating all the way back to the 4th century. You’ll actually often see this design on Greek pottery, paintings and other drawings. With four, curving, splayed legs, a curved back and a narrow concave backrest, this design is still just as popular today. The only difference being that most modern designs are now almost always upholstered rather than made just of wood to add some extra comfort.

Armchair Colour and Fabric Options 

When it comes to the colour and fabric options for your armchair, our plush velvet and comfortable linen fabrics are ideal as they’re stylish, cosy, easy to clean and stain and scratch resistant too. The colour you choose will depend on the rest of the decor in your home. 

Grey armchairs are one of the most versatile colours as they’re perfect for both neutral and colourful homes and can easily be dressed up too. White and beige armchairs are a classic colour that will suit a variety of homes too but may be tricky to maintain if you have children or pets.

Green, blue and orange armchairs and sofas are also becoming increasingly more popular as people are looking to make a statement and feature one eye-catching piece in their living rooms.

Browse our collection of ultra-comfortable, contemporary Model 01 armchairs. Available in a variety of colours, these armchairs will add style and class to any room.

If you’re wanting to improve the way you sit to help your overall health, take a look at our guide on the best armchair posture.
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