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What is a modular sofa?

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Lottie Leggett
Modular Corner Sofa

If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa, you’ve likely come across the term ‘modular sofa’ or ‘sectional sofa’ once or twice. 

But if you’re not entirely sure what one is, or how a modular sofa differs from a standard sofa, fear not, as we’ve created the ultimate guide. Read on to find out exactly what a modular sofa is, and why you should consider one for your home.

What does ‘Modular Sofa’ mean?

Modular Sofa

Simply put, modular sofas are designed in modules.

Each component is designed separately with, or without arms, so they can be used in a number of ways. The single pieces then come together to create a sophisticated style to suit your home.

The pieces can be put together without the use of additional tools or screws, too, meaning you have a world of opportunities to create the perfect size and shape.

At Swyft, we’re all about combining sophistication and comfort with complete convenience. Which is why all our sofas are modular in design. Our products are delivered as a sofa-in-a-box, and you’ll have all the components you need to create a dream seating space for your home.

This dis-assembled option makes our products easier to deliver, so you don’t have to wait weeks for your sofa to arrive. When it arrives, slide the pieces together and get comfy.

What is the difference between a Modular Sofa and a Normal Sofa?

The major difference between a standard sofa and modular sofas is the number of connecting pieces.

Modular sofas are defined by having two or more connecting pieces, while a standard sofa is usually a single piece or no more than two pieces.

With a normal sofa, getting the size right the first time is integral. There’s very little option to shorten or lengthen a standard sofa in the way you can with a modular piece. If you’re opting for a normal sofa, it’s a good idea to check out this guide on how to measure a sofa before you start shopping.

What are the benefits of owning a Modular Sofa

So what are some of the major benefits of a modular sofa, in comparison to a standard sofa? Well, where do we start!

Modular sofa


The best thing about modular sofas is the freedom they offer.

As each component is separate, it means you’re able to add or remove pieces whenever you like. If you move house into a smaller property, you can split your large corner sofa into two smaller seating areas. Or, if you’ve landed yourself a larger house, you can add an extra seat to your existing sofa - meaning you’ll save a ton from not having to buy an entirely new unit.

They can be adapted to suit your family

In our ‘how long should a sofa last?’ post, it’s suggested your sofa should last anywhere between 7 to 15 years. Depending on how well you take care of it. And a lot can happen in that amount of time.

The great thing about modular sofas is that as your lifestyle changes, you can adapt your sofa accordingly. Perhaps you and your partner started with a 2 seater, but the arrival of a few kids meant you needed more space. Investing in a modular sofa from the start means you can add new modules to your existing unit instead of buying fresh.

If you find yourself moving house, or once the kids have flown the nest, perhaps you want to switch things up and create two separate seating spaces rather than one.

The possibilities are endless.

Less risk

For those interested in investing in a large corner sofa, a modular sofa is a great choice. Rather than running the risk of ordering the wrong corner layout, modular corner sofas can be switched from the left to the right, in case you want to rearrange your lounge later on.

Cost effective

What’s more, when it comes to saving up for your dream sofa, modular options make it that little bit easier. Order an initial 3-seater sofa and later, when you have the money, add a corner and chaise unit to create the ultimate corner sofa you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, you don’t have to fork out for an entirely new corner sofa when you want to take the plunge.

Easier to handle

It also makes the moving process a whole load easier. Navigating through narrow corridors in an apartment block, or tight doorways in your new home is tricky. Modular sofas can be broken down into smaller, easier to handle pieces and re-connected once you’re in the room.

Quicker delivery

Unlike standard sofas, that need specialist delivery and in-advance booking slots, you can have your brand new sofa delivered within 24 hours. Modular sofas can be broken down to fit into smaller boxes, meaning they can often be shipped via courier. A brand new look for your home is nearer than you think.

So whether it’s the money aspect, the practicality, or the flexibility in style, you’re bound to find that modular sofas are a sure-fire win-win option for you and your family.

How do you assemble a modular sofa?

Modular sofa

As mentioned above, assembling a modular sofa is easy. Each piece connects together without the use of additional tools.

Swyft sofas can be assembled within just a few minutes. First, you screw the legs onto the base. Then, each component slots into place by simply sliding it into the connecting piece. Within minutes, you’ll be snuggled up on your new sofa arguing over what to watch…

If you later decide to move, or add to your existing sofa, the process is just as simple. Order your new modules, and slide them in.

An L or U-shaped sofa design is perfect for open plan living. These larger-than-life sofas can create a cosy retreat in a large open space, or work as a room divider between the lounge and kitchen area.

Popular modular sofa layouts

If you already have a modular sofa, and are looking to change things up, these are the top three most popular sofa layouts you can create with your current sofa, or by adding additional modules.

Straight sofa

Straight sofas are typically a good go-to. They can be 2 to 3 seaters, or even 4 seaters or 5. These typical sofa styles work perfectly in both casual and formal living spaces, and can be accompanied by an ottoman or armchair to balance out the room.

Corner sofas

Another popular style is the corner sofa. If you love to lounge, corner sofas, you’ll know just how cosy corner sofas can be. They’ve got plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and put their feet up.

Corner sofas work great in the corner of the room, or can be pushed away from the wall to create a more contemporary style within the room. They also work great for breaking up open-space living areas.

U-Shape (or C-Shape)

U-Shaped sofas are perfect for movie rooms or even a ‘man cave’. These horseshoe shaped sofas are the ultimate place for getting snuggly with the family. Out of the house, U-shapes work great within function rooms in restaurants or other hospitality venues.

There are so many ways to style a modular sofa within the home. And as your family grows and changes, your sofa can adapt alongside you. With so many different styles, shapes and colours to choose from, shop our modular sofas and have your dream sofa delivered in time for a weekend marathon of your favourite TV show.
Modular Sofas Corner Sofas

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