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Interior Trends This AW22 Season

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Olivia Lowry
Interior Trends This AW22 Season

Hello, September! We can’t quite believe it’s almost the autumn/winter season. This summer at Swyft we’ve covered a plethora of outdoor how-to’s, shown off the best of balcony gardens and had fun with sorbet-inspired colours. As the weather starts to get that little bit more grey and drizzly, we’re excited to put the focus back on interior ideas for rainy days. 

We caught up with the team here at Swyft for a round-up of our AW22 interior trend predictions and found out how you can experiment with them in your own home to create that super cosy, autumnal feeling. Grab that pumpkin spice latte, take a seat, and enjoy.

The New Way of Doing Mid-Century Modern

This year has been all about Mid-Century Modern- you can’t open an interiors magazine or search for furniture without this trend popping up. Towards the end of this year we’ll see this retro style evolve into a more 70’s vibe. 

Images: Paige Jones via Mother Magazine

Think bright and bold earthy tones, but still with solid pops of colour. There’ll be a resurgence of bold patterns across the board, which is great for the evolution of this trend. Bring on the flower power!

Ceiling Makeovers

Don’t look down! Painted ceilings are popping up all over Instagram and home interior publications. We’re only going to see more of this trend in AW22 as it lends itself to a more cosy atmosphere- in living rooms and bedrooms in particular.

Images: Homeadore and Wood & Wire via Pinterest

This is a really great weekend project to take on that can have a really dramatic effect on the feel of a room, without being too overpowering. We’re big fans of using natural colour palettes in contrasting tones of taupe and terracotta. If you’re brave enough, the boldness of a black painted ceiling works well, too.

Travel-Inspired Interiors

After a lull in holidays over the past couple of years, this summer really was the season of getting out and about again. Going into AW22 we’re likely to see inspiration from other nearby countries and cultures influence what our homes look like here in the UK.

Images: Jug by Pomelocasa via Pinterest, Model 04 linen sofa by Swyft

Expect to see more Mediterranean-inspired home decor in terracotta pots, whitewashed walls, jute rugs and traditional Spanish ceramics. These take centre stage and will carry us through the winter until the sun peeks through the clouds again in SS23.

Traceable Trinkets

Our home's decor will naturally change over time. In AW22 we’re heading into a period where pockets are tighter, so expect to see even more upcycling, refurbished furniture and small-scale DIY home projects.

Images: Model 03 sofa by Swyft, Unsplash

We’re all aware of how to make sustainable choices, so the next step is taking a look at exactly where our sofas, furniture and decor comes from. Knowing exactly who made your furniture becomes even more important as we head towards the end of 2022. We're really excited to see more options for carbon offset furniture becoming available in AW22. 

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