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What is a Modular Sofa and How does it Differ from a Sectional Sofa?

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Lottie Leggett
Modular Corner Sofa

In the interior design world, modern sectional and modular sofas are taking leaps and bounds to become the sofa type of choice for many homes. Their intelligent design, stylish silhouettes and flexible frames offer something that’s both unique and appealing for modern-day living. 

Our guide will cover everything you need to know about modular sofas including their benefits, how they work and the different types of modular sofas available.

What is a Modular Sectional Sofa?

A modular sectional sofa is created by using several individual pieces that can be rearranged to suit any space, large or small. Each piece typically has arms, backs and ottomans that are the same height, allowing them to be moved around in a multitude of ways and still fit together perfectly. These sofas are extremely versatile, for example, you can choose to have two or three middle seats and two arms to create a standard 2 or 3-seater sofa. Or, you can include a corner piece or an ottoman to create either a corner or chaise sofa. The design is entirely up to you.

Are Modular Sofas Good for Small Spaces?

2 Seater Modular Sofa

Yes, modular sectional sofas are a fantastic choice for small living rooms as they can really help to maximise your space. As these sofas can be broken into segments too, you'll have a range of different seating arrangements depending on what you need at the time too. Modular sofas are practical, functional, compact and, most importantly, comfortable. Because they arrive in separate parts, it's also much easier to transport them into flats and try them out in different rooms to see where they'd look best.

What are the Benefits of a Modular Sofa?

Whether you’re looking for a functional space for your family, a room divider, an extra lounging area or want to update your home with something sleek and stylish, a modular sofa has many benefits for you to consider.


Modular sofas are highly flexible as you have the option to choose both the shape and size of the pieces so it fits your home perfectly. If you have an awkward or dead space, the modular sofa can be configured to make the most of all the space available.


Thanks to their separate modules, modular sofas are, without a doubt, the easiest sofas to have delivered. At Swyft, all of our sofas arrive flat packed in a series of liftable boxes that can be carried by one person. This means that you won’t have to worry about measuring doors, stairs or any lifts.


You can choose how big or small you want your sofa, whether you want a corner or chaise piece, one colour, two or even multiple and the type of fabric with a modular sofa. The options are endless for you to design your dream sofa.

Comfortable and Modern

Modular sofas are rapidly increasing in popularity as they are ideal for the modern and urban home so you can rest assured they will be in style for years to come. These types of sofas are also well-known for being extremely comfortable, especially if you have a corner, chaise or ottoman to put your feet up.

Easier to Replace Parts

Unlike a traditional sofa, if there’s a section that's scratched or damaged, rather than throwing the whole thing away and starting the sofa buying process all over again, you can simply just replace that section. This makes modular sofas much more cost-effective and you get to keep the sofa you love for even longer.

How Does a Modular Sofa Fit Together

A modular sofa is quick and simple to put together, at Swyft we’ve made it so you can assemble each section of your sofa in just 5 minutes. When you get your Swyft sofa, open up the boxes in order. Each box is numerically labelled so you’ll know which is which. Then, screw the feet into the base, slide the back into place and push it firmly to engage, slide both arms in, add the seat and the back cushions and voila! Your wonderfully easy and comfortable sofa is now ready to use.

What are the Different Types of Modular Sofas?

While modular sofas can be customised so you can have however many seats you like, these types are the most popular:

2-Seater Sofa

If you’re a couple moving into your first flat together then a modular 2-seater sofa will be the perfect choice. Cosy, comfy and innovatively designed, this style of sofa is extremely popular and you can even add an ottoman to create extra seating or a place to put your feet up.

3-Seater Sofa

For something a little bit spacious, whether you’re growing a family or want to make room for your dog, the 3-seater modular sofa is ideal and can be customised to your liking.

4-Seater Sofa

For those who like to entertain or want to create a room divider, the 4-seater modular Sofa will be the best option for you. Providing plenty of space this sofa is great for lounging on, especially if you include the ottoman piece too.

Corner Sofa

We can’t imagine modular corner sofas ever going out of style, not only do they look great but they really utilise your space, providing plenty of seating and are extremely comfortable to lay on too if you’re having a relaxed day at home.

Chaise Sofas

If you have a fairly small space to work with but want something ultra-comfy, then modular chaise sofas are for you. Available as a 2-seater, 3-seater or 4-seater these sofas all come with an ottoman for you to place and sink into.

L-shaped Sofas

For those who like a generous seating area to either sprawl comfortable on, or offer plenty of seating for guests, L-shaped modular sofas are a great choice. They’re also perfect for pets to lounge on too, especially with our stain-resistant and easy to clean fabric, without taking up your space. 

To learn more about the different styles of sofas, take a look at our top 9 modern and contemporary sofa types and shapes.

And if you’re struggling to find the perfect sofa for your small living room, have a read of our guide to buying a sofa for small spaces to help.

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