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Top 10 Sofa Types, Shapes and Designs You'll Love

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Lottie Leggett
Sofa shapes

With so many different sofa types, shapes and styles out there, it can be difficult knowing where to start when it comes to choosing a sofa and how to design your living area.

To help you decide, we've created a list of the 10 most popular sofa designs and shapes that will suit a variety of living rooms - both big and small.

1. Corner and L-shape sofas

Corner sofas really make a statement in your living room and are great if you need plenty of seating for frequent guests. Invented by an American designer in the ‘40s, corner sofa designs rose to fame in the ‘70s and are still a very popular choice. While typically they are used for larger living areas, some, like our modular sofas, can be built to fit your home.

2. Chaise Sofas

Modern chaise sofa shapes first became popular in France in the 16th century, and because of their comfort and versatile style, they were a huge hit in many cultures across the world. Having remained popular throughout the decades, these sofa designs are fantastic for really optimising your space. Our Model 3 Chaise sofa gives you the options to configure them to be the exact size you need, whether it’s a 2, 3, or 4-seater and are available in right or left-hand sides so it can fit your living area perfectly.

3. Sofa Beds

Comfortable and convenient, there are a wide variety of sofa bed styles including pull-out sofas, convertible sofas, futons, daybeds and bunk bed sleepers. All of these sofa beds are ideal for really making the most of your space and if you have guests staying over often.

While pull-outs are the most popular sofa type and have massively improved over the last decade, a futon or convertible sofa bed may work better for taller people as the backs fold down to create a flat, cushioned area. Daybeds and bunk bed sleepers are the best option for children as they are spacious, practical and fun.

4. Modular and sectional sofas

If you're looking for something modern, stylish and adaptable then modular sofas are the way to go. These sofas arrive in a wide variety of individual sections for you to combine in a multitude of ways to comfortably fit your space. These clever sofa designs are ideal for small spaces or if you're moving into your first home and only have a rough idea of the dimensions. They're also very easy to move around so you can have a play and find the best spot for your sofa in any room.

5. U-shape sofas

U-shape sofa designs are ideal for creating intimate seating areas that bare great for conversation or entertaining, or to be arranged as a great viewing area for the TV. U-shape sofa designs do generally require a bigger living area, as the U-shape takes up a fair amount of space. They provide ample seating for larger groups, but do close off the seating space to other arrangements and furniture so work best in specific living room areas.

6. Armchairs

Whether you're dealing with a very small space or want an extra seat that complements your sofa, an armchair provides a cosy, comfortable and stylish finishing touch to your living room. There are thousands of different designs you can choose for your armchair, from bright, colourful or neutral modern designs to more traditional high back armchairs in a range of fabrics and patterns, all depending on your personal style and taste.

7. Ottomans

Ottomans are a practical and versatile addition to any room. They can be used for extra storage, seating or to put your feet up after a long day. Originating in Turkey in the 17th century, ottomans were introduced into Europe by the late 18th century and were used as the main piece of seating in someone's home. Nowadays, they act more as a comfortable, decorative accessory but still have a wide range of uses.

8. Sofa Sets

If you're a first-time buyer and don't want the hassle of styling several different sofa types and other seating, then a sofa set may be the best option for you. Sofa sets typically include a 2-seater and a 3-seater sofa or a 2 or 3-seater sofa with an armchair. You can also get a corner or chaise sofas with an armchair as a set too, to complete the seating in your living room in one go.

9. Loveseat Sofas

Loveseat sofa designs are wider than an armchair, but smaller than the average sofa size, providing a cosy seat for a small room or an alcove. These sofas were designed in the 17th century and were originally intended for women to sit on easily while wearing large dresses. Now, they're the perfect sofa choice for a couple to snuggle up on in their new flat.

10. Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Mid-century sofa designs emerged in the middle of the 20th century to bring post-war America into a modern era. Featuring clean lines and a simple look, this sofa style has recently come back into style thanks to many movies and TV shows set around that time. Comfortable and stylish, these sofas are suited to the majority of rooms and are great for urban living. Both our Model 01 and Model 02 mid-century style sofas offer a sleek and robust design in several fabrics and colours to match your décor perfectly.

If you’re needing to maximise your space and are struggling to find the best sofa, take a look at our guide to buying a sofa for a small space.

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