Waste is a huge problem in the interiors industry. However, the societal focus to move towards a more sustainable future is making brands think about how they can operate in a more sustainable way.

We sat down with Jules Haines, founder and director of Haines Collection, to understand how she is fighting against interior waste and how we, as a collective, can think more sustainably.
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In 2021, we will see four main trends pop-up throughout the year; from rustic elements that celebrate furniture’s manufacturing process to tranquil colour palettes, eclectic colour clashes and elegant retro. These styles promise to have something for everyone, reflecting societal trends we’ve seen explode over the past twelve months. 
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For many people, especially those who want to be in the vibrant heart of a city, living in a small space is the only option. Luckily, even the smallest of living rooms can be practical, stylish and unique if it’s designed well. Carefully chosen furnishings, eye-catching colours and a well-planned layout can allow you to make the most of your space and maximise your home’s potential.

To help you create the living room you really want, and stamp your personality on your bijou space, we’ve put together 25 of our favourite ideas for decorating and furnishing small living rooms.

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