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9 Tips for Summer Entertaining: Sofa Bed Edition 

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Ed Hawes
Guest-Ready with Sofa Bed Tips

It’s that time of year again, summer has arrived. And time is of the essence. We need to move quickly; a British summer is notoriously short-winded <insert prayers for sun to last longer than three weeks>. So, lather yourself in tanning oil, refuel that BBQ, and dust-off the outdoor furniture.  

Whatever the weather, come rain or shine, the summer season is upon us, which means one thing and one thing only: summer socials. 

How to get your sofa bed ready for guests during summer

sofa bed ready for your guests

To be the hostess with the mostess it’s important you have all areas covered. The last thing you want is to mess around with sofa beds and furniture. Logistics after a long day in the sun, especially when you’ve indulged in one or two beveraginos, can be problematic. So, to help you ensure you are guest-ready for your summer gatherings, follow these 9 simple tips: 

  1. Clean the sofa bed 
  2. Check the sofa bed works 
  3. Test the sofa bed for comfort
  4. Add cool bedding 
  5. Provide a fan or open the windows 
  6. Place a nightstand or side table
  7. Provide a jug of water, lamp, and power sockets 
  8. Bug spray - you never know what creepy crawlies might also wants to stay 
  9. Add a personal touch 
  1. Clean the sofa bed

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by the number of horror stories we’ve heard about sofa bed mishaps. To avoid giving your guests an unwanted surprise, make sure you vacuum the sofa bed before they arrive. Check the sofa bed or chair bed for any accidental stains or spillages – use a damp cloth, or fabric stain remover, and slowly dab away the liquid. For extra jazz, use a clean fabric brush to ensure the yards are flat. The sofa bed will look and feel brand new – a guaranteed guest head turner. 
  1. Check the sofa bed works

To avoid a sizzling summer sofa bed nightmare. Make sure the sofa bed works – pull out the base and back, so it forms a bed and ensure the legs are functioning properly. There would be nothing worse than a faulty sofa bed for when your guests arrive. 


  1. Test the sofa bed for comfort

Once the sofa bed has been checked for malfunctions, place the mattress topper on the base and treat yourself to a moment's rest - away from party organising - to test the sofa bed’s comfort. If it’s good to go, then skip to the next step. But, if it’s not up to standards, add an extra layer underneath the mattress topper – I’m thinking, summer duvet? Quite thin and not too chunky. 

  1. Add cool bedding to the sofa bed 

It’s summer and it’s hot (finger’s crossed). Let’s face it, the UK is not built for warmer months, so aircon is not a luxury we can provide. That means, there is a risk of getting into bed and uncontrollable sweat profusely pouring out of every orifice. It’s a legitimate concern. Even worse than it happening to you, is that your guests succumb to the same treatment. 

Sofa bed

To fight against this very real nighttime nightmare, provide cool bedding to the sofa bed. Organic cotton is the perfect remedy. Cotton has natural fibres that help regulate the body’s temperature, so when it’s cold, cotton reflects the body’s heat. When it’s hot, cotton will absorb body heat, cooling it down. Cotton is an ideal option for summertime bedding.

Also, add a thin summer duvet for comfort with the option to swap out for a blanket. Don’t forget pillows, the common rule of thumb is two pillows per person. Provide one soft, one firm pillow. Everyone has a preference. 

  1. Natural breeze or fan 

If a heatwave is on the horizon, it’s an all-hands-on-deck scenario; engage Operation Cool Down. Open all the windows in the room to help create a gentle breeze - this will automatically bring the temperature down. If it’s still hot, add a fan to a corner of the room. The fan will help make the room feel more bearable during the heat. Don’t have a fan? Get one. It’s a heatwave. I hear there’s an online shop that delivers such products within hours. 

  1. Place a nightstand or side table

Adding a side table next to each side of the sofa bed will fully transform the room. It’ll make your guests feel right at home. And will also provide an area to place their phones, watches, wallets and any miscellaneous pocket items. It’s a small gesture that will go a long way. 

  1. Provide a jug of water, lamp, and power sockets 

If you’re aiming to be at the top of the leader-board for best host, and stay there, think about adding some extra touches to the room. Place a jug of water and glasses on the side table – all of that Aperol Spritz will need to be washed down with something (also, water is easy to clean if - god forbid - anything were to happen). A lamp will help with the evening’s ambiance – and provide light for the book worms of the group. Add extra power sockets, so your guests’ phones are as recharged as your guests will feel in the morning. 

  1. Bug spray 

I know, I know, a little extra. We’re not camping. But, during the warmer climes, who knows what’s out there. Especially if the window is open. Worst case: guests wake up, after an incredibly peaceful night’s sleep, to see they’ve been eaten alive by mosquitoes. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Maybe, to avoid seeming over-prepared, instead of placing it on the side table, offer it to them before they go to bed. 

  1. Add a personal touch 

Another slightly extra one here, but you’re the hostess with the mostess, so you want to blow your guests away. Add freshly cut flowers to a vase and place on the side table - nothing better than bringing the outside in - unless it's bugs. Write a welcome note… actually as I write, I’m backtracking. It screams too much. But, then again, who knows, your friends might like it. Spray lavender onto the pillows, not only does this create a beautiful aroma, but it’s known to help with sleep. 

And that’s a wrap on how to get your sofa bed ready for summer entertaining. Follow all of the steps above and you are guaranteed to blow your guests away. If you don’t, find new friends.

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